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Why the “company culture video” is more important than ever

Reading Time: 5 minutes

New 2022 data shows that company culture content featuring employee stories is outperforming job content with candidates by a mile. Yes, your company culture video is experiencing a renaissance. Here’s why.

The reliable “company culture video” is an important cornerstone of your recruitment marketing content stack. Its versatile format — weaving together several employee stories and perspectives back to back — shows real diversity at the team level, or illustrates company-universal values and themes, too.

In the age where we all say “shorter content is better” for attention spans and social media, don’t forget about this classic video format that works overtime, especially when creating content that reflects a diverse and inclusive culture.

You need to show that your culture is inclusive

It’s not enough to show that your company creates a place for its team members to grow and thrive. With candidates placing an importance on joining diverse and inclusive workplaces, your content needs to show that every person is celebrated and supported. You can’t do that if you are featuring only one person’s perspective. This company culture video for Dell Technologies provides perspectives from employees all over the world.

True diversity is reflected at the division or team level. A marketing or HR department that’s all women is not a diverse team. Featuring a variety of perspectives at the team level is important to show candidates you’re not only looking at diversity from a wide lens. You’re doing the work at the division-level.

You need to show that the employee story isn’t an anomaly

One person’s story can tell candidates a lot about a workplace. But you need to make it clear that one story, and the cultural takeaway, isn’t an anomaly. The best way to prove it is through a collection of stories that show a repeatable and consistent cultural experience. It’s not about that one time your company raised money to donate to an important cause; it’s also how they close the office once a quarter to volunteer, and the times a team organized a dinner tree for coworkers who welcomed new additions to their family. You need a collection of stories that show values, not just one example.

You also need to show how you support underrepresented groups. Sometimes a leader of color becomes the spokesperson for all things related to the Black employee experience at a company. By featuring people of color with a variety of tenures, professional specialties and personal backgrounds, you can tell more complete stories about how you truly support Black employees at work.

Assure candidates the culture they see is the culture they’ll get

To gain candidate trust, you need to assure them the culture they see is the one they’ll join. When you use in your company culture video a collection of stories that occurred over time, you’re showing off your cultural consistency and dependability. Even with rapidly changing cultures, the rapid change is something candidates can rely on. Show cultural consistency by sharing a collection of experiences over a period of time.

You need to create different content for awareness and consideration phases

Some videos are meant to grab attention and create awareness. Culture videos are perfect for candidates who are currently in consideration phase. They are searching for real insight into universal and team culture, to understand what it will be like to work in that job for that manager, because they are preparing for interviews or deciding to accept the offer. This requires substantive information you can’t get from one person’s perspective.

Company culture videos communicate your diversity

Videos featuring several storytellers can communicate universal culture, and the breadth of diversity at your company, better than stories with just one voice. They amplify diverse voices.

Ready to get started? A great way to show your company is truly including all groups of people in your culture is to layer and weave employee stories together. We have a guide to get you started.

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Stories Inc. has created hundreds of such compilation videos, and we are happy to share our insights with you. Get inspired for your next content project!