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Reinventing Employee Spotlights for recruitment marketing and employee recognition

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Employee spotlights are typically one employee profile, used in one place. Oh yes, we can do better! Stories Inc. has reinvented the employee spotlight for recruitment marketing and employee engagement, recognition and retention.

Today, there’s a turnover tsunami happening. We know employee recognition is directly tied to retention: 55 percent of employees seeking to switch jobs list lack of recognition as their top reason for leaving. 69 percent say that better rewards and recognition would encourage them to stay. 

Meanwhile, your job applications have plummeted and you need to do something different. People don’t know about your awesome culture. And yet, employee stories are the best recruitment marketing content, and the very best way to communicate what sets you apart to candidates. 

What can you do that addresses both of your problems?

Introducing Employee Spotlights, reinvented and bundled to bolster employee engagement and raise your cultural profile among candidates. 

What are employee spotlights?

Traditionally, employee spotlights are one piece of content, such as a Q&A with an employee that’s posted on a career site. Often, employee spotlights serve a single communication purpose or channel, which is a huge missed opportunity for your recruitment marketing and employee engagement and retention efforts.

At Stories Inc., we know that one employee interview uncovers lots of little moments and stories that celebrate the storyteller and their organization. We know how much great stuff hits the cutting room floor. And, we know the power of creating recruitment marketing content that is thoughtfully optimized per candidate and employee communications channel.

Stories Inc.’s Employee Spotlights are a bundle of celebratory content that recognize your employees while attracting talent, across all your channels.

How do you apply recruitment marketing concepts to employee spotlights?

Repurposing content, optimizing per channel and regular communication cadences are recruitment marketing best practices. One interview with an employee your company is recognizing as either part of your rewards and recognition program or storytelling project will produce lots of personal and professional stories.

For instance, we interviewed Christian, our videographer, in celebration of his four-year anniversary at Stories Inc. The results included this video:

Then we…

  • added the video to our About Us YouTube channel and embedded it on our website.
  • wrote a blog post about Christian, highlighting his experiences and accomplishments
  • posted the video to LinkedIn with accompanying celebratory text (and tagging Christian so his colleagues, friends and family could celebrate him too)
  • used quotes and clips from the interview to create optimized Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts
  • included the video in a job posting for the project team at Stories Inc. 

A single employee spotlight became multiple pieces of content, used at least eight different ways.

How do you apply employee engagement best practices to employee spotlights? 

Employees are honored when their manager and company wants to shine a spotlight on their work. Use this as an opportunity to really celebrate and honor your employees! Invest the time and energy into making the employee spotlight experience special for team members. Here are some best practices to apply:

1. Facilitate the interview

You’re honoring someone’s hard work and personal and professional journey. Don’t rely on impersonal processes when creating a personal experience. Instead, place a premium on an engaging conversation. The best stories emerge when your storytellers feel confident and comfortable sharing their real experiences with an interested partner.

2. Care about audio and video quality

Employee experiences should be honored with good quality audio and video, and that can be achieved even in remote and at-home workspaces. Consider your employee storytellers’ lighting, camera and microphone quality and set-up to ensure they look and sound their best.

3. Bring their story to life

Go beyond the talking head to make the stories as interesting as possible. B-roll, photos, graphic design, and animation all serve the employee spotlight and make it extra special and engaging.

Employee spotlights make employees feel feel valued and connected to your culture, as well as engage and attract future employees.

Want to learn more about our Employee Spotlight bundle?

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