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Dell Technologies veteran hiring case study

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Stories Inc. developed veteran recruitment marketing content to support Dell Technologies’ veteran hiring initiative. Learn about the stories we captured and strategies used. 

Stories Inc.’s recruitment marketing content for Dell Technologies‘ intern programs outperformed Dell’s expectations. So, their team hired us to develop content to support Dell’s committment to hiring 3,000 veterans by 2020. Dell has internal military-focused hiring efforts. Additionally, they partner with Joining Forces, the initiative driven by former First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden. Veterans’ skill sets and values align strongly with Dell’s culture code.

Veterans face specific challenges upon entering the workforce as they translate their military experience and skills into civilian life. Dell addresses these challenges with a structured framework for recruiting, hiring, mentoring, and supporting veterans and their families as they transition from the military to the corporate world. Furthermore, they also support service members during active duty and those in the Reserves.

Dell needed to find a way to communicate this formalized support in order to resonate with such a large pool of talented, qualified candidates. Stories Inc. has experience with recruitment marketing content that attracts veterans, so we got to work. 

Stories Inc. captured veteran employee stories

To prepare timely content for Veterans Day, the Stories Inc. team interviewed 21 veterans and two military spouses currently employed by Dell at both the Hopkinton and Round Rock locations.

Their stories revealed just how effective Dell’s support system is for their veterans—when a challenge presented itself to veterans, they found mentors to guide them; when an active member was called into duty, their job was protected, and their family taken care of. And so much more.

Engineering Operations Manager and Air Force Veteran Molly Mae Potter tells of her obstacles post-Air Force. For nine months she struggled to find employment in an engineering field while recovering from a traumatic brain injury, until the day a Dell recruiter reached out to her. The transition during the first few months was difficult, but with the help of mentors she adjusted to the more laid back environment and learned to actually enjoy a work/life balance. She was named 2016 Ms. Veteran America and has since used this platform, and Dell’s resources, to aid other veterans struggling to find employment.

Potter’s stories along with her fellow veterans were used to create a compelling Veterans Day video and blog post to be shared on Dell’s careers blog and social channels. The video has reached more than 650 views on YouTube since its launch in November 2016. 

How the veteran recruitment marketing content was used

In just a few short months, the Dell employment branding and the Stories Inc teams together produced a comprehensive picture of life at Dell to share with intern and veteran candidates. The videos, blog posts, social graphics and slideshares informed veteran candidates what they can expect working at Dell.

In only 10 months, our content on social sites received more than 1.4 million impressions; slideshares garnered more than 6,000 views; videos accrued more than 17,000 views; blog posts received 68,000 views, and all views continue to grow.

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