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One video, multiple ways to tell the story

Reading Time: 4 minutes

The impact of video on employee engagement and talent brand grows exponentially each year. In 2020, 78 percent of people watch online videos every week and 55 percent watch online videos every day. By 2022, online videos will make up more than 82 percent of all consumer internet traffic. When video is included in a job description, applications increase by 34 percent

How are talent brand pros supposed to keep up with this ravenous demand for video content?

We find innovative new ways to use our video content again and again! 

Good talent marketing video content shows candidates what it’s really like to work at a  company, and reinforces culture for employees. Great talent marketing video can be adjusted and repurposed to tell a single story multiple ways. And the secret to such versatile content is, you guessed it, the employee story. 

One story, multiple ways

We uncovered stories at Dell Technologies from members of their rotational programs for new graduates. The stories showcased these early career team members’ access to and connection with senior leadership. We were able to take this single story and develop several pieces of engaging video content. 

Two-minute video with multiple storytellers

A compilation video gives candidates different perspectives from several team members. This is important to show candidates you provide a consistent employee experience, with implications into how you’re creating diverse and inclusive cultural experiences for all. 

In this example, we weaved several employee stories together to give candidates insight into the culture of the program and how it’s valued by leadership. 

Short video that links to longer video 

Videos around 30 seconds, across all channels, are the length most likely to be watched to the end by viewers. The great news about this is you can fit a story into 30 seconds, that still gets across your messaging about your culture. Look for sections of your longer videos that have 30-second stories and repurpose those shorter edits. 

For those stories that require more than 30 seconds to tell, or to move candidates from awareness to consideration phase, you can link to the longer video as a call to action for candidates to learn more. 

15-second graphic video  

Short form social videos on channels like Instagram Stories and TikTok keep gaining new users and offering new ways to comunicate with candidates. 15-second videos are perfect for static and 24-hour social shares. Plus, this easily consumable length will receive more engagement and impressions than a plain text or image post. Add graphics to really capture user attention!

Images and quote graphics 

There are more ways to capitalize on your employee story efforts, beyond video. 

We used the same story in yet another way. Here’s a graphic with the team member’s image and the words of her story. This visual story works well for Facebook, Twitter, and more content channels. 

And, just think of the blog posts and career site content that could be developed from this story!

In short, never use a video story a single way. Edit it down, expand it by including other perspectives to illustrate a theme, add graphics and optimize for channels. 

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