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GUIDE: Best practices for your careers blog

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Get Stories Inc.’s guide to the best practices for your careers blog. It has the essential SEO and content tips you need, as well as best topics for your blog posts.

Starting a careers blog or re-committing to the #LifeAt blog already on your site is not difficult. We’ve distilled the basics for you in this one page guide that contains the best practices for your careers blog.

A blog on your careers site is a game-changer. You’ll increase web traffic from job seekers and build candidate engagement. Additionally, you’ll provide dynamic content that will convert passive seekers into active candidates and gain you more talent community subscribers.

The key is to populate your careers blog with employee stories that give culture clarity. Stories from employees about what it’s like to work at a company make the content compelling to candidates. Significantly, stories that are written in blog form are the easiest and fastest content to take live. 

Our guide shows you how to do it, plus we have included the SEO and content tips that are essentials for your recruitment marketing and employer brand.

Our guide to the best practices for your careers blog

Inside you’ll find:

  • Content essentials
  • Format tips
  • SEO must-haves
  • Content organization tips
  • Blog post topic ideas
  • … and more!

Get the guide!

guide to careers blog seo