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The best intern photos to show the workplace experience

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Just as you’re welcoming this year’s intern class for the summer, some jerk goes and tells you to start thinking about recruiting next year’s class. I am that jerk.

We know real stories from people that work at our organizations are the best recruitment marketing content there is. There’s specific topics that interns and early career professionals relate to the most. And this summer, you have a window in which to get those stories and create the content that will engage and attract next year’s class. Good news: it’s a project with a deadline. OK news: you’ve got to get moving!

We’re here to help. Here’s a guide that shows you how to get compelling stories, with great video examples. And, below is a slideshare with some of our favorite photos from summer interns’ past (including our own!). Get inspired to get those stories!

Need more help? Read about our storytelling program, where we find the stories and create the visual (video, photo, blog) content for you before the summer ends. Or, contact us right now and we can tell you all about it in 15 minutes!