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Author: Lauryn

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4 reasons why talent marketing is a great career choice

Reading Time: 7 minutes Culture communicators, we have had quite a crazy few years. We’ve gotten really good at pivoting, because unexpected change is our reality. Whether that’s ramping up, ramping down, and back again, you’ve had to understand and communicate organizational changes in an uncertain world. Now in

how to engage a team - team branding

Team branding: How to engage a team

Reading Time: 6 minutes We worked with a team of scientists at AstraZeneca who Photoshopped their faces onto a mock landing page to see what marketing their team would be like. They were really excited to get branding! That’s the type of joyful motivation you want from your storytellers

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Rule of 3: local, global and glocal workplace culture content

Reading Time: 4 minutes Stories Inc. often develops content for global employer brands, capturing consistent and compelling content that speaks to local, global and glocal workplace culture. These brands recognize the power of personalization and global messaging in their employer branding and recruitment marketing content. They also care about

Team value proposition

Engaging a team in an employer branding project

Reading Time: 6 minutes Engaging a team in an employer branding project will increase employee engagement. Capture their stories for recruitment marketing content that will reach, and inspire, the right candidates. Sometimes you are recruiting for a group that’s magic. Candidates walk into an in-person interview undecided and walk

The importance of Team Value Proposition (TVP)

Reading Time: 4 minutes Stories Inc. developed the concept of Team Value Proposition (TVP). Learn why this concept and team storytelling are important to candidates, employees and culture. A Team Value Proposition is created when you uncover what’s unique about a specific small group experience within the context of

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Hiring for culture add: building diverse and inclusive cultures

Reading Time: 7 minutes When recruiting new team members, evaluating for “culture fit” is an outdated practice because it can lead to discriminatory hiring practices. When you rely on rapport as a major hiring criteria, you’ll prefer candidates with whom you easily connect … likely because of common ground

Don’t offer more vacation – close the office instead

Reading Time: 7 minutes This article was written before the COVID-19 pandemic. But, given May is Mental Health Awareness month and our collective stress levels have risen dramatically this year, we updated the post for current times.  In it we share the benefits of closing the office vs. offering