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Author: Lauryn

How to Engage a Team that Needs Branding

Reading Time: 7 minutes This post is part of our series on team storytelling. Job candidates care an awful lot about their possible future team. But even within the same organization, teams vary (sometimes widely) from one to the next. The most effective talent branding efforts use team member

Why team storytelling is the next thing in recruitment marketing

Reading Time: 3 minutes This article was originally posted on Social Recruiting Strategies’ blog. Recruitment marketers, we’re often measured on how well we deliver the reality of the employee experience to prospective hires. Sharing employee stories is a best practice here, because it grounds important but abstract concepts like

Introducing Team Value Proposition

Reading Time: 4 minutes A Team Value Proposition is created when you uncover what’s unique about a specific small group experience within the context of the larger organization. It requires the employer brand or recruitment marketing leader to partner closely with a business leader in a division, team or

Communicate your company’s leadership style using stories

Reading Time: 3 minutes Want to create a thriving culture? Focus on the employee experience. There’s an entire leadership philosophy around putting employees first. It’s called servant leadership. Servant Leadership It’s been around for thousands of years, but Robert Greenleaf coined the term. He defined it as this: “A

Don’t Offer More Vacation – Close the Office Instead

Reading Time: 6 minutes My co-founder Scott Thompson and I are six years into running our small company, Stories Inc. Because our work exposes us to innovative corporate cultures, it’s easy to be organizationally progressive. We have adapted all kinds of policies for our team that have worked for

internship experience

From a Co-Founder to Our Sales Candidates

Reading Time: 3 minutes To our sales candidates…. As a Stories Inc. co-founder, I’ve been selling constantly since the day we opened our doors. One of the hardest parts of my and Scott’s jobs was finding our product-market fit. It took years, but we’ve built a business in a

Creative Storytelling: How to use Purpose in High-Volume Hiring

Reading Time: 6 minutes This post was originally published on the SmashFly Technologies Blog. Whether you’re hiring a new class of summer interns, increasing your sales force by 20% every quarter or recruiting call center professionals all year, hiring a high volume of people for one type of position