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The Best Intern Recruiting Content

Reading Time: 3 minutes

45% of interns nationwide converted into full-time hires in 2018 (NACE). Whether you’re hiring one intern or 100, you know a strong recruitment class can reduce cost-per-hire and better ensure culture fit in the long run. Let’s do this!

Not all intern content is created equal, and we’ve interviewed dozens of early career talent on the moments that matter: why they decided to join, the moment they decided they wanted to stay, and the people and experiences that have made a difference in their budding careers.

These are the stories that future candidates need to hear as they decide if your internship program is the right place for them:

 1. They want WHY

60% of Gen Z want their jobs to impact the world (Marketo). That makes communicating your company’s purpose a top priority, but don’t stop at the mission statement. Candidates want to hear from their peers and how the work they’re doing connects to the overall mission. One step further: how work connects with their personal purpose, too.

Check out how we brought Maggie’s sense of purpose to life at Pfizer:

2. What’s in it for them?

Leave no doubt in interns’ minds that they’ll end the summer leaps and bounds ahead of where they were when it started. How will you help them grow?

Joy from Bowman Consulting walked us through how she developed her grading skills through low-pressure practice exercises. Watch for the full story:

3. Building relationships that last

Show potential interns how they will build meaningful relationships with experienced professionals within your organization. What does your company do to encourage these connections?

During his summer at Dell, one intern scheduled over 100 one-on-one meetings with company leaders. Check out their full video on their Open Door Policy below:

Intern candidates want to hear from your current and past interns. So don’t miss the opportunity to collect their stories this summer, and use them to attract next year’s class.

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