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What recruitment marketing content do I need for my chatbot?

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You’ve gotten the green light to add a chatbot to your recruitment marketing tech toolkit. Congrats! 

Where career sites give rich insight into culture for candidates to explore, a chatbot engages in real time conversation. Candidates have questions, and now you have the technology to give them the answers they want in real time. 

Fueling your chatbot with thoughtful responses and stories gives candidates much-needed insight as they research your company. 

What kind of recruitment marketing content does my chatbot need?

A best practice when developing recruitment marketing content is to anticipate the questions candidates have. What is the company culture like? What perks and benefits do you offer? Who is the CEO?

You already have the answers to these questions. But for added candidate engagement, give candidates clarity into your culture by incorporating employee stories.

What is the company culture like?

The best company culture videos feature specific stories that support your universal culture statements. What does an employee experience no matter what office, position, or level of experience? 

Try sharing stories around core values, like Loews Hotels did to communicate ‘Family:’ 

Are you a purpose-driven company? Show how employees find personal purpose in their work, like this story from EA Sports: 

What perks and benefits do you offer?

Don’t settle for bullet points here. How do your perks and benefits add value to team members’ lives? 

If you offer any perks that are out-of-the-box, sharing stories that bring it to life is a sure-fire way to get candidate attention and consideration: 

Competitive health care benefits and maternity leave could speak for themselves…but don’t miss the chance to give additional cultural insight. How does the company respond when a team member has a medical emergency? When a mother goes out on maternity leave, is she still actively considered for promotions and professional development opportunities? 

Neeta shares her maternity leave story with BAE Systems:

Who is your CEO?

Candidates can find this answer themselves by typing a few keys in Google. If they are asking your chatbot, they want more than just a name. How do employees feel about the CEO? What are her/his values? Do I buy into their vision for the company?

Chris Berry, President of the software company Visionist, shares below why they Put Employees First:

For founder-led companies, share your company’s origin story. Those early challenges and defining moments are especially memorable and build an emotional connection with candidates: 

HR tech is nothing without the content that fuels it

Chatbots empower us to be more efficient marketers, increase quality of hire, and improves the candidate experience. But, we need the content that makes it run. 

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