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Talent marketing, we love you

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Talent Marketing, we love you and all you do for companies and candidates. Let us count the ways (here’s four)

At the TA Week conference, we heard from a variety of speakers that ultimately taught us how we can further our impact as practitioners and leaders in talent marketing. Employer branding strategies have a profound impact on overall company performance, and even small adjustments to recruitment marketing strategies can have a big impact on talent goals. Even if you feel these are industry truths already tattooed on your heart, our TA Week recap is worth the read. We summarize some of the best insights from the stage this year.

We also share with you some of the strategies we use to create insightful content for candidates: personalized employee story content at each stage in the candidate journey and real photos of employees and workspaces that showcase culture.

The Best Photos of Real Employees and Workspaces That Show Corporated Culture

Our employee photos and workspaces ebook explores some of our favorite photos from our stories for clients, and why they are great examples of employer branding content. From labs, to factories, to corporate offices, you will be inspired for your next project!

In our accompanying article, we also share our guidelines for capturing authentic and engaging photos that help candidates visualize themselves working at your organization. Get the guide.

TA Week: The Recap 

These insights from the speakers are valuable for your talent marketing goals. From the imporance of persona research in scaling teams, to how to improve the candidate experience, to research data that ups  candidate application rates, we summarize key learnings for you! 

What’s in your content stack?

Whether you’re creating a recruitment marketing content strategy or populating your recruitment marketing technology, you need a content stack. Here’s the framework we recommend when building your recruitment marketing content library. With content at every stage in the pyramid, you connect with candidates throughtout their journey and provide each level of information they need.