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4 reasons why talent marketing is a great career choice

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Talent marketers, we love you and all you do for companies, team members, and candidates!

We all need to remember why we do what we do. We hope this serves as a reminder of why talent marketing is a great career choice.

1. You’re surrounded by purpose

Culture communicators serve the world in two ways: 

  1. They help organizations realize their potential and success by defining who they are and attracting the right talent 
  2. They help candidates make decisions that best serve candidates’ personal and professional interests

In short, matching the right talent with the right employer changes lives. 

You’re giving people a way to live their values and realize purpose through work. You’re enabling employee engagement and flow, helping people excel in their life’s work. Additionally, you’re helping them meet their personal needs, grow their families, keep healthy through medical benefits and retirement plans. Whew. Go you!

Your contributions also change company trajectories. Pair passionate, skilled and experienced people with companies that have challenging problems to solve, and watch organizational innovation change the world. 

2. You create business impact

You have the insight and knowledge needed to adapt to the market and better communicate with the talent you need.

You see what candidates and employees are and aren’t responding to. And after years of feeling unsettled, unsatisfied, and/or stretched too thin, candidates and employees are being very loud about what they want right now from an employer.

Any talent-related position contributes to engagement and turnover in some way—both of which cost organizations millions every year. The right people in the right roles and cultures contribute to employee happiness, engagement and productivity, which makes companies more successful.

Good recruitment marketing, employer branding, and internal communications make the world go round. 

3. Sharing experiences is your job

Culture communication is all about finding what’s unique and important about a company culture, and a wide variety of positions, and sharing it with candidates who would be most interested and benefit the most. It’s also about reminding employees why they chose your company in the first place, and why they stay.

Your job is to give insight into the culture of a company and that can only be communicated through the experiences of current employees.

Culture and values are not fluff. When you focus on employee stories to support conceptual elements of a workplace, you’re marketing actual experiences based in fact. Candidates need to know what your organization can do for them personally and professionally so they can evaluate whether it’s a fit and opt in or out of applying.

Sharing what your company is doing for its employees right now is the only way to give candidates the inside scoop. 

As companies evolve, so does the culture. Divisions are created, organizations merge, new benefits are implemented as candidates and society demand it, products raise in prominence, they go after a different market. Your job is to keep candidates informed as the employee experience changes. 

4. You never stop learning

We’ve shifted the entire way we work in the last few years. We are currently trying to attract, engage, and keep talent in one of the most challenging hiring climates we’ve seen in a long time, or ever. Add the impact of AI, constant algorithm changes on social, figuring out how to communicate culture in hybrid and distributed work models, evaluating new HR tech products and features that may make your job easier…well, hey, it’s not boring.

Your hard work deserves recognition and we celebrate you.

Culture communicators, we love you!

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Read about how it works to work with us, and let us know if we can help in any way.