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Sales team value proposition at Interactions

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Sometimes it’s easy to uncover a team value proposition. When you interview for specific stories, themes emerge about the employee experience. This happened at Interactions, a rapidly growth AI company. Stories uncovered the stories of Interaction’s scaling sales team, and got to the heart of their sales team value proposition.

Here’s why sales team members stay (and thrive): the strength of the product, happy customers, and the tremendous market opportunity. 

Now, we had to pair with stories to bring that to life for sales candidates. 

Sales at Interactions is one of our favorite stories of the year because we were able to capture the culture of a team that’s scaling. 

Bonus: one story that shows sales candidates all three elements of their team value proposition.

Nathan, Sales Director at Interactions, shared this story that captured all three: 

“We were in a room with a few managing directors, the head of innovation, and the head of customer experience for a Fortune 500 finance company. And we were playing some of our calls for them. The head of innovation said, ‘I’m shocked. That is borderline unbelievable. I had no idea that stuff was out there.’ That call was pretty amazing.

We at Stories also created team and technology persona content for the development team. Read the case study.

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