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Announcing our favorite stories of 2019

Reading Time: 3 minutes

It’s the time of year when Stories Inc. reflects on two questions:

  1. What has inspired us this year?
  2. How have we improved as recruitment marketers? 

Because uncovering important and compelling stories that communicate culture is our job, there is no shortage of sources of inspiration. Our storytellers have experienced a lot, and their workplaces supported them through “bonding” leave policies, super inclusive holiday parties, and much more.

And, when we’re helping solve major recruiting challenges like attracting women engineers to a company worthy of their attention or marketing trades as the desirable career it is to high school students, we can’t help but get better as culture storytellers and recruitment marketers. 

At Stories Inc., it’s our mission to share what we learn with those who want to bring their real employee experience to candidates. When we can accurately convey culture, the world rejoices:

See, you really are making the world better when you’re delivering accurate and compelling recruitment marketing content to candidates. 

We want to inspire you and make you a better recruitment marketer in 2020. So, we’re sharing our favorite employee stories, which also worked as powerful recruitment marketing content, all month long.

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And, click here to watch and read about our first favorite story: Women in Engineering, from Expedia Group.