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Virtual Story Sessions capture your employees’ stories from any location

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Stories Inc. launches Virtual Story Sessions, our new service that captures remote employee video content. Capture your employees’ stories in high-definition video and audio, and receive an array of content reflecting virtual workplace cultures and diverse employee experiences.

Stories Inc. specializes in capturing distinct workplace cultures, using our unique story-based methodology and process. Our new Virtual Story Sessions service allows us to uncover substantive employee stories, no matter the location of your employee storytellers. And, immediately after each Virtual Story Session, we develop high-definition content with expert editing, graphics and overall production value. These content libraries provide an array of remote employee story content that ultimately increases candidate and employee engagement.

The Virtual Story Session Process

Our new Virtual Story Sessions are the virtual version of the two-part innovation Stories Inc. is known for: uncovering compelling stories from employees, and then transforming those stories into high-quality candidate and employee marketing content. Virtual Story Sessions combine high-definition video technology with a facilitated interview process, with Stories Inc. assisting at every step. Companies select their employee storytellers, and then Stories Inc. takes over as full-service project managers, tech crew, and content creators.

Through the fully-facilitated Virtual Story Session process, Stories Inc.:

  • Sends storytellers a video toolbox with the technology elements for creating the best audio and video quality possible. 
  • Schedules the interview sessions, and prepares storytellers for the conversation so that the most insightful culture stories will be gathered. 
  • Walks storytellers through the equipment set-up, including lighting and staging, requiring no technical skills on the storytellers’ part. 
  • Facilitates virtual conversations that result in engaging stories about working at the organization, all captured in high-quality audio and video. 
  • Creates culture content that reinforces corporate values, showcases the real employee experience, and ultimately increases both candidate and employee engagement

Stories Inc. Does All the Work

Immediately after each Virtual Story Session, Stories Inc. uses the footage to begin crafting the remote employee video content for your internal and external use. Each Virtual Story Session produces a library of content, including videos optimized for social media and career sites, blog posts, and more. 

From multiple employees’ Virtual Story Sessions, companies receive an edited collection of stories that illustrate key themes related to culture, diversity and inclusion, organizational purpose and more. 

Stories Inc. has captured remote employee stories and organizational culture content virtually since its founding in 2012. However, the rise of distributed teams, telecommuting, and the COVID-19 pandemic’s shifting of many employees to home offices drove Stories Inc. to develop the Virtual Story Session service. 

The Resulting Content

Stories Inc. recommends Virtual Story Sessions for uncovering a variety of remote employee story content, including  

  • Culture stories for candidates, providing important insights into the unique employee experience at a company. 
  • Employee recognition stories, celebrating employees who have done impactful things for their teams, organizations, and communities. 
  • Core values stories, showing how company values are reinforced and amplified through a crisis or in everyday culture. 
  • Meet the team stories, providing opportunities for active candidates to hear from more people before and after virtual interviews.
  • Welcome stories for new hires, helping new team members connect virtually and meaningfully with the company culture, from Day 1. 
  • Virtual work culture stories, revealing what it’s like to work as a distributed employee and team. 

Virtual Story Sessions are now available to new and existing Stories Inc. customers. Contact us to get started. Send us a note, or book a 15 minute call right on our calendar.