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Recruitment marketing for women in tech requires stories

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Your company wants to recruit women engineers and technologists. Join the club. But, you can actively recruit — and retain — more female talent in your tech roles. The key is to show them exactly how your culture is supportive to women in tech. Create compelling, effective recruitment marketing for women in tech with stories.

For all of the women in technology hiring initiatives, most companies aren’t creating content that effectively communicates compelling proof of a place where women thrive. 

Bad cultures got worse in the pandemic for women in tech 

It’s easy for women with tech expertise to find a job, and it’s also easy for them to find a culture where they’re not happy, especially in the post-COVID-19 climate. Unfortunately, 31 percent of female engineers said that they experienced more bias during the pandemic. They also reported more getting talked over, interrupted, and ignored by male colleagues.

And, women in tech experienced less flexibility and parenting support than their female peers in other roles. 44 percent of women surveyed were required to physically report to their workplace during the ongoing pandemic. Additionally, 51 percent of mothers in tech roles said that they handled most or all of the educational and childcare support required. (Source: Society of Women Engineers)

Great cultures need to show proof via great recruitment marketing for women in tech

However, the companies that are attracting this high-demand audience are developing specialized messaging that allows female candidates to really picture themselves working — and thriving — there. They’re recruiting and retaining women in tech with stories from team members. They’re capturing women on the team telling specifically how they’re supported, celebrated, experiencing great career growth and more. 

Companies attracting female tech talent are showing that there are women like them thriving there. 

Companies big and small, in tech or in other industries, can appeal to and connect with female tech candidates and employees. Here are a few examples of the stories that show real proof of a culture that women in tech are looking for. 

Give insight into real flexibility

Here, female tech candidates get detailed examples of Dell Technologies’ culture of work-life balance, virtual work opportunities, and support as mothers. And, they’re hearing it directly from fellow women in tech who are employees. The stories show that they’re encouraged to take time for family. Uniquely, multiple stories reveal that Dell leadership trusts women with ownership for their work, and when and where they work.

These stories provide substantially stronger proof than the words about work-life balance candidates see everywhere. And, this proof is tailored directly to women in tech. 

Want to capture stories & bring your culture to life?

Share stories of how being a woman in tech can be an advantage

Groundbreaking: Stories from women engineers tell of how they’re thriving at work because of the culture, not in spite of it. They share exactly how they’re supported, and how their gender is celebrated as an advantage at Expedia Group — the majority of people researching travel are women! 

Provide proof of women in tech finding personal purpose 

Help your candidates connect their personal purpose to your company mission through stories from women like them who find their “why” working there. In this story from Pfizer, a team member shares how her work directly relates to the reason why she became a biomedical engineer. She tells how she found both her professional and personal satisfactions in her role, and her story shows fellow female candidates that they can find it, too. 

Interested in capturing stories from your team members?

Show that gender inclusion and high growth can go hand in hand

These stories from women engineers and tech team members at First Solar are packed with substance. They detail how the company’s growth increases their professional opportunities and provides them with the chance to “change the world.” But, they also share stories of the company giving them the flexibility to focus on their families, transfer to locations of choice, and pivot to part-time work when they need. In just two minutes, these stories show that a scaling company can also be inclusive and flexible for women. 

Get started with stories-based recruitment marketing for women in tech

These stories are only a few examples of the compelling ways we have helped companies communicate how their cultures support, empower and fulfill women in technology. For more tips and insights, download our content creation guide!