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Attract women in engineering: Expedia Group shows how

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How do you attract women in engineering, technology and STEM to your organization? Share stories of women in tech who are thriving.

In 2020, only 13% of engineers were women, despite more women graduating with engineering degrees than ever. More shocking: 30% of women who left engineering said their company’s culture was the reason. For women currently working in engineering, there is still a persisting culture issue: 61% of women in engineering report they have to prove themselves repeatedly to get the same level of respect and recognition as their male colleagues. (Stats source: Society of Women Engineers)

Clearly there is a dire need for organizations to do much, much better when retaining their female tech talent. Investing in programs that can help women is key. Better mentorship programs, better leave policies, and workplace flexibility are a few ways organizations can improve their culture for women.

Progressive organizations where women in tech are flourishing still find themselves in a very tight recruiting market. Smart companies know that sharing real employee stories from women in engineering who are thriving at work is the best way to recruit women engineers. The majority of women in engineering have been in cultures that didn’t serve them well (61%!). They are searching for culture clarity before moving to a new workplace.

Expedia Group creates a positive place for women in engineering. They want women to know they are a place where they are supported, and that they have an advantage as a woman in tech (the majority of people researching travel are women).

That’s why this video is one of our favorites. 

Given the climate for women engineers, this video addresses a host of topics that are important to women evaluating a workplace for culture.

It acknowledges a problem.

There is a shortage of women in technology. This provides common ground between the employee storytellers and the candidate, who is also a woman in tech.

It positions gender as a business advantage.

Priyanka shares why being a woman in tech at Expedia Group is an advantage to the business: most of their users are women (“Women do most of the travel planning. It helps to have a female perspective.”).

There’s a real story about a common problem women in tech face…

Deepthi shares a personal story. She didn’t share a solution for a problem her group was working on, because she wasn’t sure if it was a good idea. This moment of vulnerability is relatable to candidates who have been in similar situations.

… and Expedia Group leadership handles it well.

Leadership validates Deepthi’s idea and cares about why she didn’t bring it up to the group. He encourages her to always share her ideas, whether it’s a good idea or not. Making mistakes is key to learning, which is an important part of their culture.

Several perspectives support the point.

Several other women validate the support for women in technology at Expedia Group so the candidate knows Deepthi’s experience is not an anomaly, but very representative of the organizational culture.

The last sentence recaps the message

“As a woman in technology, I feel like this is one of the really good companies to work for,” Priyanka says.

Watch the video!

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