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How Organizational Storytelling Is A Recruitment Marketing Competitive Advantage

Reading Time: 4 minutes

This piece on how organizational storytelling and recruitment marketing work together to engage candidates is an excerpt from our download, The Complete Guide to Organizational Storytelling.

Recruitment marketing’s job is to attract and convert quality candidates to your organization. According to a recent LinkedIn study, 70 percent of the workforce is passive talent and 30 percent is actively pursuing a new job.† With this balance in mind, your recruitment marketing team will use organizational storytelling to: 

  • Convert active candidates
  • Nurture passive candidates

Convert Active Candidates

Recruitment marketers need specific, targeted content to convert active candidates at key inflection points throughout the candidate experience: recruiting events, job descriptions, social media ads and talent communities, to name a few. 

The more personalized the content, the better. A company culture video embedded in an entry-level engineering job description is a great way to give candidates insight into what they can expect from your organization. A step further: a video featuring an engineer talking about their most recent innovative project. More specific: an early career engineer talking about the transition from education to their first engineering role. The more personalized the content, the stronger connection you are building with the candidate precisely when they are deciding whether to apply. 

A content library of organizational story content will empower you to scale this personalized approach across your different business areas and key positions. Activision Blizzard used organizational storytelling to bring their engineering roles to life for one of their most popular games, World of Warcraft. 

Nurture Passive Candidates

Data shows that candidates consume 12-18 messages about a company before submitting an application.* For the 70 percent of the workforce that are passive candidates, one-off campaigns and posts will miss their mark.** An always-on recruitment marketing strategy that engages across advertisements, social media, blogs, events, and talent communities is necessary to stay top-of-mind with high-performing talent. 

To ‘feed the beast,’ savvy recruitment marketers maximize their organizational storytelling library by repurposing and cross-posting content across channels. For instance, one story from a Dell employee was used to create four unique pieces of content. All four of these organizational story content pieces can be shared across the eight major recruitment marketing channels to the left. That’s 32 potential candidate touchpoints, just from one story!

Ultimately, organizational storytelling and recruitment marketing, together, produces a wide range of stories to use across your candidate-facing channels. The resulting library of employee stories is a competitive advantage with candidates! 

Learn more in our full guide to organizational storytelling!