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Internal Communications and Employee Storytelling: LinkedIn Live Takeaways

Reading Time: 5 minutes

How internal communications and employee storytelling work together to best connect with your people — top takeaways from Stories Incorporated’s LinkedIn Live discussion.

Our Head of Marketing, Jessica McFadden, was recently joined by Stories Inc.’s Senior Project Manager Anna Lippe for a tips-packed LinkedIn Live. They outlined ways employee stories can bring company culture to life in internal communications.

Anna (a former internal comms strategist) conducts insightful employee interviews to draw out compelling stories, and then develops employee story content — videos, blogs, emails, graphics and more — to support the our client partners’ organizational storytelling goals. She and Jessica discussed four original ways internal communications professionals can use employee stories to solve the challenges they’re facing today.  

You can watch the full LinkedIn Live, Employee Storytelling for Internal Communications, here:

Challenge #1: Culture Content Doesn’t Reflect the Current Employee Experience

Solution: Stories of Your Right Now Culture

Internal communications professionals require content that represents the real, current employee experience. Company culture has changed a great deal in the past two years, but many companies are still using the same photos, videos, and blogs from 2019 … or earlier. Refreshing your employee story library to better reflect the authentic employee experience is key to driving engagement with employees. If your company has worked to increase inclusion and belonging, or adopted more remote and hybrid work options, capture those critical, right-now stories! 

Example: Pride Employee Resource Group Stories from Labcorp

Challenge #2: Employees Want More Visibility and Recognition

Solution: Stories Content Celebrating Team Members

Employees are receiving a barrage information from the outside telling them why the grass is greener somewhere else. However, recent data reveals 55 percent of employees seeking to switch jobs list lack of recognition as a top reason for leaving, and almost 70 percent say that better rewards and recognition would encourage them to stay. Employee storytellers tell us they feel celebrated and valued by their workplaces when they are asked to share their experiences with us. In fact, we’ve heard from our clients the story process is great employee engagement and recognition opportunity.  And then, of course, when these stories are developed into engaging media, the content now serves as compelling proofs of culture for their colleagues. 

Example: Lexis/Nexis Recognizes Tykori’s Contributions

Challenge #3: Internal Conferences and All-Hands Need Increased Engagement

Solution: Stories Screening and/or Capturing at Events

2022 has seen a return of company all-hands, in-person conferences, and other opportunities to gather together. By creating employee story content in advance, companies are sharing story snippets to promote the event and get everyone excited. Then, they’re sharing longer-form compilations of stories to a captive internal audience. Post-event, the stories can serve various internal and external content marketing needs. We saw this firsthand when capturing stories and producing video for the American College of Cardiology’s annual internal conference for the past two years. This was the second year we worked with them to develop stories content for their annual meeting! 

Example: American College of Cardiology Shares Stories at Annual Conference

Challenge #4: Communicating Company Decisions for Optimum Employee Engagement

Solution: Stories from Team Members of How the Decision Has Impacted Them 

Whether your company announcements are very timely, such as return to office plans, or more strategic and long-term, like an environment impact pledge, employee stories should be a key component in your communications. Employees are used to hearing from leaders, but they really want to hear from their coworkers who are a part of the initiatives or impacted by these decisions. Real team member stories give colleagues another lens to view the company decision and understand why it’s important to the organization’s success. 

Example: Dell Technologies Stories of Social Impact Programs and Goals

These examples are just a few of the many ways compelling employee stories serve internal comms.

Interested in help uncovering employee stories that reveal your culture and increase employee engagement? Contact us for a customized recommendation!