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How to turn team members into employer brand ambassadors

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Do your team members refer candidates from their networks to your company? We have an idea of what it will take to turn your staff into employer brand ambassadors!

Lauryn and I always enjoy catching up with our friend Kevin Gerrity, Director of Recruiting at Aronson and Adjunct Instructor at the University of Maryland’s Smith School of Business. Kevin always has a fascinating perspective on recruiting because he’s been on both sides of the table—he’s a CPA who has made the shift into running recruitment of CPAs. Not only that, but at Aronson, he’s a rare mix of both agency and corporate recruiter at the same time.

In one of our recent conversations, Kevin brought up some interesting data from an internal poll he ran at Aronson. His mission was to learn how team members feel about making proactive connections for recruiting purposes. Here are the final results:

  • 73% of people responded that they were excited to look through their connections for potential candidates to refer to the firm.
  • 16% wanted to help make referrals, but wanted to be trained on how to do it.
  • 11% did not feel comfortable making proactive introductions from their network.

Digging into the results

The most immediate reaction to the poll was that it was great to hear that such a large population of people (89%) wanted to refer candidates from their networks. I suppose this is not too surprising, as Aronson is regularly rated as a “Best or Top Places to Work” by its team members.

But, this makes us wonder: if so many people are excited to make referrals and knew how to do it (73%), why were referral rates low up until now? Aronson has always welcomed and incentivized referrals from its employees (and has made many key hires through referrals). However, based on the survey results, you would think the referral activity would be through the roof!

Arming staff with employer branding content

Our hypothesis is that people would be more motivated to reach out to their networks about their workplace, and feel more comfortable doing so, if they had access to shareable stories that show what it’s like to work there.

What if they could simply pull a video story or an interesting infographic from a company feed, and then re-post it to their LinkedIn connections? They’d do it!

Why it’s important to arm staff with employer branding content

When thinking about whether to provide your staff with employer branding content to share through their networks, consider the fact that potential candidates pay more attention to content shared with them by a staff member than content that comes from a company. LinkedIn recently conducted a study which found that “employees get 2x higher click through rates from their shares compared to company shares of the same content.”

Create employer branding content for your company and make sure to get it in the hands of your most important employer brand ambassadors: your people! Let us know how it goes—I’m at [email protected].