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Author: Scott Thompson

Leadership story: Stakeholder value is shareholder value

Reading Time: 5 minutes Stitch Fix’s early focus on creating value for all stakeholders, especially its vendor partners, benefitted Stitch Fix in a very tangible way when the pandemic hit. For CEO Katrina Lake, it’s one of many examples that validates her belief that stakeholder value is shareholder value.

align with mission

Align with mission

Reading Time: 6 minutes In case you hadn’t yet read enough about the Gamestop drama, I wanted to focus on one aspect of the story: its lesson on the importance for companies to align everything with mission. Last week, Robinhood had to temporarily limit trading of Gamestop and other

skin in the game

Skin in the game

Reading Time: 4 minutes Under Hammurabi’s Code in ancient Mesopotamia, if a house caved in and killed its inhabitants, then the builder of that house would face the death penalty.  It’s a pretty harsh thought, but you can’t deny that it probably did a good job of incentivizing home

the impact of Tony Hsieh

The impact of Tony Hsieh

Reading Time: 7 minutes Scott Thompson shares the impact of Tony Hsieh on modern business, customer interactions, and Stories Inc. And, he honors Hsieh’s memory. I was shocked and saddened to hear that Tony Hsieh passed away at the age of 46 this past weekend. Hsieh has always been

What Disney can teach us about content and organizations

Reading Time: 6 minutes In this post, I take inspiration from a 1957 sketch by Walt Disney. This sketch illustrates what Disney can teach us about how content should play within an organization. I came across this Walt Disney sketch from 1957:  I thought it was a really cool

Politics, activism and employer brand

Reading Time: 8 minutes Stories Inc. co-founder Scott uses Coinbase’s new policy on workplace activism and politics to examine the importance of aligning all aspects of an employer brand—from mission to brand messages to cultural norms. In a recent blog post, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong announced that in an


Leadership story: Leading with an infinite mindset

Reading Time: 10 minutes Inspired by Simon Sinek’s The Infinite Game and King Arthur Flour’s Covid-19 response, Stories Inc. co-founder and partner Scott Thompson examines leading with an infinite mindset. With many people turning to baking as a source of comfort during the Covid-19 lockdown, King Arthur Flour flew

Leadership story: Operationalizing core values

Reading Time: 7 minutes Tobi Lutke, Shopify’s founder and CEO, is one of my favorite business leaders and thinkers. The following story (which I’m paraphrasing from his interview on the Knowledge Project podcast in 2018), is incredibly timely given Shopify’s announcement today. These instances illustrate the relationship between leadership

Leadership during crisis: No layoffs, please

Reading Time: 7 minutes Stories Inc. co-founder Scott Thompson shares his core beliefs on leadership during crisis, and why doing everything possible to avoid layoffs is of utmost importance. Watching the Great Financial Crisis of 2008 unfold—from my then perspective as a second-year MBA student—made a lasting impression on

employee as employer brand ambassador

How to turn team members into employer brand ambassadors

Reading Time: 6 minutes Employee advocacy is a powerful way to distribute your employer branding and recruitment marketing messaging. And, team members want to be employer brand ambassadors! So, kickstart your employee advocacy program by creating content your team members will want to share with their networks. When you

When human values and organizational values overlap

Reading Time: 6 minutes An organization’s core values only have power when – and to the extent that – the humans in and around the organization feel a connection to them. When human values and organizational values overlap for employees, that’s when they are truly connected to their workplace.