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Global Talent Attraction with Organizational Storytelling

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Talent acquisition teams can activate a global talent attraction strategy, including communicating local cultures, by using organizational storytelling. This piece is an excerpt from our download, The Complete Guide to Organizational Storytelling.

Talent acquisition professionals and leaders love organizational storytelling efforts because they are the ultimate storytellers. They already know what stories resonate with specific candidates, and how important good storytelling is to attracting and closing candidates. But, they need help with telling these stories at scale as well as using organizational stories throughout the candidate journey. Organizational storytelling can help some of talent acquisition’s toughest challenges.

Global Talent Attraction Strategy

Understanding what’s consistent about a workplace culture across the world is incredibly powerful (and assuring) to candidates. What is true about your culture no matter where in the world you work? Topics like mission, purpose, values and benefits are important story topics to cover here. 

Because organizational storytelling relies on employee stories and experiences from team members all over the world as an input, you can identify global cultural themes quickly. 

When Stories Inc. captured stories from Philips team members, we clearly identified the Philips employee experience. Whether employees were based in North or South America, the United States or Panama or Mexico or Brazil, their unique and shared culture was clear. We also captured lived examples of Philips’ EVP and its pillars, and themes emerged around career growth, leadership, and employees’ connection to the impact of their work. 

As a result, Philips now has a library of content that brings their universal culture to life. Their talent acquisition team uses these content assets to speak to the employee experience globally. They can now tell a broad organizational story to millions of potential candidates. 

Regional Recruitment Focuses

Cultures can differ even within small teams. The employee experience can be drastically different per location or office, even when the groups are working towards the same organizational purpose. Candidates are inundated with unspecific (and unmemorable) culture content. The more specific you can be, the more insight you give candidates. The example below shows candidates what it’s like to work in the Montpelier, France location of Dell Technologies.

Interested in learning how to create global and local content libraries for your company through organizational storytelling? Get our guide!

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