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GUIDE + WORKSHEET: Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Content Planning Guide

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Your audiences are demanding insight into your organization’s commitment to inclusion and eradicating racism. So, we developed the Stories Inc. Diversity and Inclusion Content Planning Guide and Worksheet for 2021.

Inside, we show you the detailed diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging topics candidates, employees and consumers need. Plus, we break down the different content elements you need to create per channel. And, we provide you with actionable examples from organizations leading the way.

This is a companion piece to our overall 2021 Content Planning Guide and Worksheet. 2020 showed us all how essential diversity and inclusion stories are to universal culture content. “One and done” statements or small sections of your website are not enough to show talent audiences your investment in anti-racism and support for underrepresented groups.

Our diversity and inclusion download drills down the story types and messages that communicate real dedication to this work. Inside you’ll find:

  • How to integrate diversity, inclusion and belonging themes throughout universal culture content
  • The best ways to show stories of team members from underrepresented groups who are thriving in your workplace
  • Essential content needs and key channels for stories of inclusion

Employee stories are the most engaging content for candidates and employees for all culture messaging, but especially when it comes to proving the presence of inclusion and belonging. You need real stories that show how your organization is working to combat racial injustice, support underrepresented groups and promote overall inclusion.

This is the content that will strengthen your employer brand and communicate a culture of inclusion now and throughout 2021.

Download the Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Content Planning Guide and Worksheet for 2021!