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Bring company culture into focus

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Candidates need more than value statements on a career site to evaluate whether your culture is right for them. Employee testimonials aren’t helpful, either. Bring company culture into focus with stories.

Specific, insightful employee stories allow candidates to make informed opt in and out apply decisions. Savvy talent marketers know the goal of recruitment marketing content isn’t to appeal to everyone; marketing real employee experiences produces more motivated, higher quality talent pools and hires. A talent pipeline filled with well-informed and motivated candidates is gold. 

This week, we are examining the classic “company culture video.” We outline in detail why the culture video is more essential than ever in 2020, and we present to you seven of the best company culture videos and why they work. Also, we share our exclusive video tip on how to find your culture’s recruiting advantage. Plus, we invite you to join some events and groups that connect the talent marketing community culture. 

7 of the best company culture videos

If you want your company culture to resonate with and inspire the right candidates, you need to show them your unique employee experience. These videos provide seven different tactics for presenting your culture through video. 

Why the “company culture video” is more important than ever

The “company culture video” remains a cornerstone of your recruitment marketing content stack. Learn why bringing together several employee perspectives in one video is critical in 2020. 

Find your recruiting advantage 

Your greatest recruitment marketing content opportunity is what your company offers that is coveted by candidates, and rare in the world of work. How can you pinpoint and maximize this advantage? We break it down for you in our latest LinkedIn video exclusive. 

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