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Best recruitment marketing blogs of the year by Stories Inc.

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At the start of 2020, we tried to write the best recruitment marketing blogs possible. We wrote about best practices for creating culture content for candidates. We wrote about what makes a compelling employee story. And we wrote about how to uncover and capture employee stories to illustrate organizational concepts like inclusion, corporate wellness, values, and more.

As the year unfolded, using employee stories to prove exactly how organizations cared for their own went from essential to critical

From March through the end of the year, every aspect of culture was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. And, we saw a long-overdue anti-racist reckoning emerge that our organizations, and our world, needs for real equity and inclusion. 

So, our blog sought to directly address the implications of those dramatic forces. We know readers like you are focused on leading-edge talent communications and culture, and we aimed to address your needs as 2020 unfolded. 

All in all, we hit “publish” over 100 times this year— including virtual content creation resources, a COVID-19 hub, case studies, downloadables, and original articles. We published a lot, but here are the pieces that we think you will continue to find useful in the new year. 

Capturing employee stories in 2020

5 tips to create videos from remote employees
How to create marketing videos remotely + capture employee stories virtually: What we’ve learned
Capturing employee stories safely during COVID-19
How creating employee story content has changed in 2020

Inclusion, diversity and belonging 

Your corporate diversity and inclusion content needs employee stories 
Supporting Black colleagues at work
Allyship in recruitment marketing and talent acquisition: Amplifying underrepresented voices 
The best diversity and inclusion videos 

Next-level culture communications 

Why you should use employee experience stories in your corporate messaging
Content you need on your career site 
Crisis communications for recruitment marketers 
Virtual ways to recognize employees 


Leadership during crisis: No layoffs, please 
Companies living their values in the COVID-19 crisis
Maintaining a long-term view
What Disney can teach us about stories in our organizations 

Did we inspire ideas for your own content in 2021? Then get those ideas down—fast!—in our 2021 Content Planning Worksheet. Plus, you’ll find more inspiration from our actionable examples in the guide.