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Content You NEED on Your Career Site

Reading Time: 7 minutes

How would you rate your career site?

Is it…

Easy to read? Pleasing to look at? Do you recognize the people on the page? Does it represent the way you feel coming in to work every day?

If the answer is “no” to any of these questions, then you are probably losing out on great employees. When actively looking for a job, the first place a job-seeker will go is your career site. In fact, job seekers are two times more likely to go to your career site than LinkedIn or other review sites.

Now that it is time to change those “no” answers into “yes” answers, here are 5 types of content your career site needs.

1. Real Photos

“Three words, 18 letters. Say it, and I’m yours… Real employee photos.” Well, maybe that’s not exactly how it goes. But, for a candidate looking at a career site, it can feel that way. There is a clear difference between career sites that have stiff stock photos, and the ones that share their employees’ personalities. This can get harder as companies get larger and have thousands of employees, but that just means there is a wider pool of employees to pick from.

From a potential candidate though, it can make the company seem more realistic, welcoming, and appreciative of their employees. It is comforting when you know the face of the person you are emailing, speaking, or interviewing with.


2. Employee Testimonies… Well, Employee Stories

Employee testimonies are great, but employee stories are the best way to create a connection between the potential candidate and the life of an employee. Honest employee testimonies can be from everyday life or of a specific memory.

We talk a lot about stories, but that is because they are so powerful. It isn’t enough to have employee testimonies that say, “we are like a family,” because that means something different to each person. When sharing details of the story, it makes the reader feel like they could be there too.

3. Company Purpose

Every company should have a purpose and/or a mission for the business and it’s employees to work by. Sharing this with the potential candidates looking at career sites, shares with them what it truly means to be an employee at that company. Why do the employees who work their currently feel like they are making a difference?  It is the stories that come from asking about purpose, that can really influence a candidates decision to apply.

When you look at jobs with Dove, you know your work is going to make a difference for young girls around the world. The only better way they could do this is share the stories of what this means to their employees.

4. Smart Job Descriptions

Job descriptions are the only thing that specifically tells a candidate what they would be doing in the company. Everything else on the career site shares the atmosphere in the office, what the goals of the company are, and what your work is going towards. However, just like in any company the person in the marketing department is going to have a very different job from the person in product design, and again from the person who manages the logistics. Although the company might be the same, it is the job description that tells the candidate exactly what they would be doing daily and what skills they need to have.

Since this is a description of what the candidate would be doing every single day, it needs to be exciting. Not every person is going to read the same thing and think it is exciting, but make it interesting enough that when someone who is perfect for the job sees it, they want to start right away!

The best way to do this, is to share stories from other people who hold that job or who previously held the job. When someone shares why they were passionate about the day to day work, it spreads to the person listening. Here is how we incorporate stories into our job descriptions!

5. Show your true colors

Showing your true colors is more than just showing what diversity your office has. It makes a diverse candidate feel like they could belong at the company. We know that attracting diversity is important to gaining a fresh insight and increasing innovation.

So what is the best way to attract diversity? This is telling stories about how everyone feels about their voice and how they fit in a company’s core values. Everyone has different stories and viewpoints. But, we still love to hear them, even if they aren’t exactly how we would do something. This is because the viewer sees how different opinions are valued, and feel that their opinions would also be valued!

There are plenty of different types of content that will help a candidate connect with your company. The overlapping theme is that they are all better with stories. It is the personal touch that makes it stronger. It isn’t enough to just say what you as a business wants, needs, or currently has. It needs to be a conversation that the candidate feels like they are a part of.