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Author: Lauryn

Scott Thompson and Lauryn Sargent, Stories Inc.

Core Values Story

Reading Time: 4 minutes Scott and I were less than a year into building Stories Inc. and things were going great between us. And, we were delighted when we won our first large project, for The Motley Fool. We were even more delighted when we realized we could hire

Capturing Moments that Matter

Reading Time: 3 minutes I have a Big Birthday this September. So, I wanted to do something this summer that would shake up my life a little in celebration. I signed up for a marathon and convinced one of my best friends to run it with me. Except, I’m

The best intern photos to show the workplace experience

Reading Time: 2 minutes Just as you’re welcoming this year’s intern class for the summer, some jerk goes and tells you to start thinking about recruiting next year’s class. I am that jerk. We know real stories from people that work at our organizations are the best recruitment marketing

Why team storytelling is the next thing in recruitment marketing

Reading Time: 3 minutes This article was originally posted on Social Recruiting Strategies’ blog. Recruitment marketers, we’re often measured on how well we deliver the reality of the employee experience to prospective hires. Sharing employee stories is a best practice here, because it grounds important but abstract concepts like

Communicate your company’s leadership style using stories

Reading Time: 3 minutes Want to create a thriving culture? Focus on the employee experience. There’s an entire leadership philosophy around putting employees first. It’s called servant leadership. Servant Leadership It’s been around for thousands of years, but Robert Greenleaf coined the term. He defined it as this: “A

internship experience

From a Co-Founder to Our Sales Candidates

Reading Time: 3 minutes To our sales candidates…. As a Stories Inc. co-founder, I’ve been selling constantly since the day we opened our doors. One of the hardest parts of my and Scott’s jobs was finding our product-market fit. It took years, but we’ve built a business in a


Reading Time: < 1 minute Solve a Specific Recruiting Challenge Teams, business units, and even different office locations can have unique cultures and recruiting challenges.  Among other benefits, a team storytelling approach allows you to: Communicate a unique team culture Introduce candidate to the team before the interview Ground your

reverse reference checks

Reverse reference checks: A simple idea that wows candidates

Reading Time: 5 minutes Stories Inc. co-founder shares her idea of reverse reference checks, in which candidates check the hiring managers’ references as manager. Great news. We decided to add a team member—YES! I’m recruiting again! I dusted off my tricks from years past (once a recruiter, always a