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From a Co-Founder to Our Sales Candidates

Reading Time: 3 minutes

To our sales candidates….

As a Stories Inc. co-founder, I’ve been selling constantly since the day we opened our doors. One of the hardest parts of my and Scott’s jobs was finding our product-market fit. It took years, but we’ve built a business in a growing field. We understand our target market very well, because we’ve built a company that solves a specific problem.

So, I’m thrilled we are in a position to hire a new sales team member, because we know the market opportunity is there. It’s time for the right person to scale it while I move on to exploring global opportunities and building partnership deals to expand the solution that’s working right now.

Even though this is a major celebration and milestone for Stories Inc., it’s still a tough job. Sales is very hard. Hopefully you’re in it because you love the challenges like I do.

The worst days:

  • Getting budget approval for deals that fell apart because of minor, unforeseeable, or unexplainable events (new boss, new direction, it’s Tuesday).
  • Flying out for a set of second meetings and half cancel by the time you’ve landed.
  • Having great calls that qualify but you’re ghosted nonetheless.

The best days:

  • Being recommended on a popular, industry-specific Facebook forum that includes “and they’re also good people”
  • Seeing the results of our net promoter scores (all 10s): our team executes and our solution works.
  • Three deals in three days.
  • Meeting Barack Obama, getting a call from an industry thought leader you admire.
  • Everyday: working with smart, committed people who want to build a company they’re proud of.

I have done this job for six years. I understand it very well, so I can mentor and train you on the nuances of what we’re building, but I also really, really know how to best support you. I’m also looking to you for your expertise and ideas that you bring from your own selling experiences, to create a stronger sales team.

I have been there (I’m still there) and I’ll be there with you. Please email me directly to discuss this opportunity further: