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Author: Lauryn

internship experience

From a Co-Founder to Our Sales Candidates

Reading Time: 3 minutes To our sales candidates…. As a Stories Inc. co-founder, I’ve been selling constantly since the day we opened our doors. One of the hardest parts of my and Scott’s jobs was finding our product-market fit. It took years, but we’ve built a business in a


Reading Time: < 1 minutes Solve a Specific Recruiting Challenge Teams, business units, and even different office locations can have unique cultures and recruiting challenges.  Among other benefits, a team storytelling approach allows you to: Communicate a unique team culture Introduce candidate to the team before the interview Ground your

reverse reference checks

Reverse reference checks: A simple idea that wows candidates

Reading Time: 5 minutes Stories Inc. co-founder shares her idea of reverse reference checks, in which candidates check the hiring managers’ references as manager. Great news. We decided to add a team member—YES! I’m recruiting again! I dusted off my tricks from years past (once a recruiter, always a

Creative Storytelling: How to use Purpose in High-Volume Hiring

Reading Time: 6 minutes This post was originally published on the SmashFly Technologies Blog. Whether you’re hiring a new class of summer interns, increasing your sales force by 20% every quarter or recruiting call center professionals all year, hiring a high volume of people for one type of position

Recruitment storytelling at scale

Reading Time: 2 minutes Honesty about your company’s culture, and what a day-in-the-life is like in the role, is essential when recruiting for long term fit. I saw this first hand when I was a recruitment leader, working for an organization whose culture was in process (read: some growing

Lead a transparent work culture

Reading Time: 3 minutes Does your culture transcend your organization? Culture extends beyond a company’s four walls. An interesting test: can customers tell when they are talking to someone from your company versus one of your competitors? What would your employees’ personal and professional networks say about your company

Exit and stay interviews

Reading Time: 3 minutes It’s been years since I conducted an exit interview. Pam and Ben’s internships ended a few weeks ago, and we wanted formal feedback about their experience working at Stories. I heard from one HR exec that exit interviews are the worst time to get real

Leading Consciously

Reading Time: 3 minutes I sat next to a high energy, charismatic leader at lunch at the Conscious Capitalism conference. When she told me she was speaking in a breakout session, I immediately switched the session I was attending to hers. Her name is Jean Pitzo, CEO at ACE