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Author: Bernadette

Humanizing the Candidate Experience: SRSC 2019 in Review

Reading Time: 9 minutes Last week over 150 recruitment marketing and talent acquisition professionals took Philadelphia by storm with the goal of honing and expanding their social recruiting strategies.  When emcee and Diversity & Inclusion guru Torin Ellis took the stage, he didn’t talk long. He had just one

The Best Intern Recruiting Content

Reading Time: 3 minutes 45% of interns nationwide converted into full-time hires in 2018. Whether you’re hiring one intern or 100, you know a strong recruitment class can reduce cost-per-hire and better ensure culture fit in the long run. Let’s do this! Not all intern content is created equal,

Brand your business unit using Team Storytelling

Reading Time: 5 minutes This post is part of our series on team storytelling. Job candidates care an awful lot about their possible future team. But even within the same organization, teams vary (sometimes widely) from one to the next. The most effective talent branding efforts use team member

The Best Diversity and Inclusion Videos

Reading Time: 7 minutes “Diversity is being invited to the party, inclusion is being asked to dance.” Oft-used in the diversity and inclusion space, this distinction between representation and true acceptance is a great bar to measure our recruitment marketing content against, too. For that same reason you need

One Technologies

Reading Time: 4 minutes When I was first introduced to the team at One Technologies (OT) in spring 2017, I knew they were a special bunch. Prior to our film day, their director of content put so much care into our shoot, even sending photos of all the storytellers

Lean into Change: Transform 2019 in Review

Reading Time: 6 minutes At Smashfly’s Transform conference in Boston, keynote speaker Erik Qualman told a personal story from his early days as an author trying to establish his brand: For a photo shoot for one of his books, his team had the idea that he should wear Clark

words to describe company culture

Words to Describe Company Culture: Work Hard Play Hard

Reading Time: 4 minutes ‘Work hard, play hard’ often rolls off the tongues of our storytellers when describing the “fun” side of their organization. The phrase aims to communicate the balance of hard work and meaningful, light-hearted relationships with colleagues. But ‘play hard,’ in particular, can mean different things

We’re in this Together: EBrandCon 2019 in Review

Reading Time: 7 minutes A few sessions into EBrand’s 2019 conference, we noticed a pattern. Each time emcee Audra Knight introduced a speaker, she shared something she had in common with him or her. For some this came from similar experiences as parents; with others, such as Amgen’s John