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2022 Government Contracting Content Planner for Employer Brand and Talent Professionals

Reading Time: 2 minutes

It’s here: The 2022 Government Contracting Content Planner — a worksheet download designed by Stories Inc. just for employer brand and talent professionals within government contracting.

This is the latest industry version of our celebrated planners, which are going strong after three years and hundreds of downloads. They’ve become a must-have asset for employer brand and talent professionals who are building their content scopes for the year ahead.

Importantly, this government contracting content planner was inspired by all we’ve learned uncovering employee stories for government contracting organizations. And, it has been thoroughly updated to serve candidates’ culture content needs of 2022.

Strong content strategies target talent with videos, blogs, social ads and more that speak directly to talent at each stage of the candidate journey. Map out content areas such as:

  • universal culture and overall employer brand
  • core values, mission, purpose and EVP
  • diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging
  • key talent areas, like active duty military and veterans
  • hybrid and remote culture
  • employee and leadership spotlights
  • global culture and connections
  • team cultures and locations
  • business area hiring needs
  • …and more ideas for your 2022 scope!

Featuring actionable examples and templates, this worksheet will help you think through different content types necessary to bring your culture to life for candidates and employees. Happy planning!

Download the 2022 Employer Brand Content Planner for Government Contracting

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