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5 employee stories that capture the Thanksgiving spirit

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Stories Inc. shares 5 employee stories that communicate thanksgiving and gratitude for these team members’ places of work. In 2020, these stories are more important than ever!

As we prepare for a Thanksgiving that looks a little different this year, the Stories Inc. team is giving thanks for YOU. We thank you for reading our blog, and we wish you health, safety and happiness. We’re also taking this week to reflect on the moving stories we have uncovered, heard and captured this year. Employees have been quick to share their stories of thanks to their workplaces for the support they’ve received.

And, in celebration of the holiday, we’ve gathered a few of our all-time favorite employee stories that capture the Thanksgiving spirit.

Gratitude Moment #1: “I felt like everyone had known me for years.”

Moving to a new company isn’t easy. On top of tackling a new role, you are adjusting to a new office, coworkers, and social dynamic. Shanerical shares how her new colleagues at Interactions made her feel especially welcome, and how much it meant to her:

Gratitude Moment #2: “It makes me feel like I’m still in the fight.”

Sergio’s plan was always to serve a 20 year military career as a recon sniper. When he suffered a career-ending injury, that plan changed. He didn’t know what where to turn for the rest of his career, until he found the Warrior Integration Program at BAE Systems: 

Gratitude Moment #3: “What other company would do that for you?”

Deb lost her hearing while serving in the military and is 100%, permanently deaf. As a facilities technician at First Solar, she’s all over campus. Her disability makes it challenging to hear radio communications, so a colleague took it on himself to create a solution:

Gratitude Moment #4: “They were willing to give that much time and effort in me, to do something great.”

Chris pitched an idea to his managers at BAE Systems: he wanted to go to Japan for a week to study lean manufacturing techniques from the best of the best. He never thought they would say yes:

Gratitude Moment #5: “She had just come to say thank you. And it felt like such a life-changing moment.”

You don’t always get to see the person who benefits from your work: the recipient of the drug you researched; the child playing with the toy you marketed; the candidate who discovers their dream job because of videos they watched (!). 

24 Hour Fitness manager Arezoo Zand shares the special moment when she got to hear a member say, ‘Thank you.’ 

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