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WORKSHEET: Recruitment marketing content plan

Reading Time: 2 minutes

You’re probably eyeing 2020 and picking the challenges you’ll tackle next year. Perhaps you’re improving the candidate experience, relaunching your careers site, or proving your employer value proposition to candidates. Whatever the recruiting and branding problem, you’ll need compelling employee story content to solve it.

So how do you start your recruitment marketing content strategy and planning? What will you need? How do you create a plan you’ll be confident and proud to deliver to your leadership?

We want to help! We’ve drawn on our experiences creating project content scopes for many leading and innovative employer brands to create a content planning worksheet just for you.

This guide will both inspire and organize you to solve your next recruitment marketing content challenge. Download the worksheet today and 2020 will be the year you are hoisted on shoulders, splashed with gatorade and hip-hip-hoorayed for the quality talent you’ve attracted to your company.