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Children’s Mercy Hospital

Children’s Mercy uses employee stories for high-volume recruiting campaigns

Children’s Mercy turned to employee stories to communicate impact when faced with high-volume and niche hiring needs across multiple roles.

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Children’s Mercy Kansas City is a pediatric medical center in Kansas City, Missouri creating a world of wellbeing for children.

Pediatric patients travel to Children’s Mercy from all 50 states and numerous countries. Its 8,800 team of doctors, nurses, and staff treat thousands of children a year. Children’s Mercy is also a leading research facility and teaching hospital. 

With competition for healthcare talent at an all-time high, the team wanted to bring their work to life in a way that would stand out amongst other organizations.

The Children’s Mercy talent acquisition team fills positions for critical clinical staff and hires for roles in areas like environmental services and staffing the new Children’s Mercy Research Institute.
With the combination of high-volume hiring needs and highly specialized research roles, Children’s Mercy needed a way to communicate opportunity and impact across all roles. 

Show how every team member—no matter their role—connected their work to transforming children’s health, wellbeing, and potential.

Children’s Mercy identified four high-priority hiring needs and Stories Inc. hit the ground running to plan two on-site interview days. The team uncovered stories from ten storytellers across nursing, care assistants, research staff, and environmental services roles. 
Children’s Mercy’s motto is that “LOVE WILL” create a healthier world for kids. When you walk into its main campus building, everything from the smiles of its staff to the bright, whimsical artwork tells you this is no ordinary hospital.
The Children’s Mercy team received content including:


  • A library of hundreds of high-quality, edited images from across the hospital.
  • One culture video focused on stories of patient care, professional development, and teamwork.
  • Four role-specific videos for nursing, care assistants, environmental services, and research.

Watch the Children’s Mercy culture video.

Children’s Mercy embedded the videos across its career site and in relevant job descriptions. 

In addition to sharing the videos through social media and showcasing the overview video on their career site, Children’s Mercy embedded links to the four hiring area videos on relevant job postings. 
For example, nursing job descriptions now start with a call to action, not to apply, but to watch a video to hear the experiences of their nursing staff. Children’s Mercy saw more than 2,100 views across all the videos in the first month and more than 12,000 views to date
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