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Rapid growth sales recruitment marketing


Interactions is the world’s largest independent artificial intelligence (AI) company. Their technology enables customers to communicate easily with brands⁠—without feeling like you are talking to a machine. 

Interactions’ market position in a rapidly expanding industry sent them into hyper-growth mode. As they scale, they faced a common but critical obstacle to continued success: hiring top talent in technology and sales. Additionally, their recruitment marketing and employer branding content must show candidates the culture of today as well as the tremendous future opportunity. 

Enter Stories Incorporated. 


What we did

Stories Inc. spent two days interviewing and photographing 17 team members, including sales and tech team members thriving at work. We also interviewed the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Revenue Officer, and Director of TA for leadership’s perspective on the company culture. 

We uncovered stories and created videos that brought to life their universal culture experience, as well as content to attract the right sales and technology candidate personas. 


Culture Stories


With their chic space⁠—it was a former factory!⁠—as a backdrop, we uncovered stories that captured Interactions’ culture and spirit. Take Shanerical’s story:

We had a holiday party back in December 2018. That was one of my favorite moments here. I’d only been with the company for about two months, not even. But to walk in and have all of these employees who I literally just met say, “Hey, Shanerical – hey come here – come sit here.” And it was just really, just a warm reception and I felt like everyone had known me for years.

Recruitment marketing content for technical talent

Interactions is a leader on the bleeding edge of AI technology, so hiring top tech talent is crucial to their continued growth. Those that work on the technical team are incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about the AI space. It was our job to uncover and deliver the stories that would appeal directly to similarly experienced technical talent. 

Additionally, candidates needed to know about other skills Interactions valued, as a rapidly evolving tech company needs hard skills that transcend current technology and trends. We uncovered specific stories of how team members solve problems, challenge themselves, and—as Interactions CEO Mike Iacobucci says—“go outside the bounds of technology.” 

Take Mahnoosh’s experience at Interactions, which combines her expertise in AI with her problem solving skills: 


I have worked on creating a measurement of how reliable an automatic system is. Artificial intelligence is nothing but a statistical model, trying to predict something from the data. But the important part is that how do we know how reliable the response, the result of that system is? I worked on creating this type of measurement and improving spoken language understanding, which means it goes from speech to text, from text to meaning. I was able to solve a problem and that improved the accuracy of our system of combining human intelligence with machine intelligence.

Recruitment marketing content for sales candidates

Our sales storytellers easily articulated why Interactions was a great sales environment: the strength of the product, the satisfaction of current customers and the tremendous market opportunity. 


Nathan, Sales Director at Interactions, shared this story that captured all three: 
We were in a room with a few managing directors, the head of innovation, and the head of customer experience for a Fortune 500 finance company. And we were playing some of our calls for them. The head of innovation was like, “I’m shocked. That is borderline unbelievable. I had no idea that that stuff was out there.” That call was pretty amazing.

Especially in rapidly growing industries, a culture can evolve quickly. Interactions needed recruitment marketing content that could communicate foundational cultural elements while creating space for its future iterations.  The technical and sales talent that will thrive in this environment would be attracted to both the current and foundational state as well as the future possibilities. 


Using stories from employees about how far they’ve come, their specific experiences in a market leading company in a growing industry, and the foreseeable future opportunities gives candidates an accurate look inside. 


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