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The Motley Fool – Interactive Onboarding

Reading Time: 2 minutes

“Our purpose — To Help the World Invest – Better — really draws people to The Motley Fool,” said the Fool’s Chief People Officer. “Once they join us, seeing that we truly live our purpose is the biggest reason why they stay with us.”

The Chief People Officer felt that what was lacking in The Fool’s existing onboarding program was stories. He felt that stories would serve as living embodiments of the company’s purpose, core values, and culture.

The Motley Fool brought us in to supplement their onboarding program with engaging, interactive content that would teach new hires the story of The Motley Fool — told through specific stories that embody its history, purpose, core values, and culture.

We interviewed 10 people, including the three co-founders (one of whom had since left the company and was brought in for the project to tell stories), the wife of a co-founder, the company’s first CFO, and six other Fools.

Armed with tons of amazing stories, we went back to our labs and brought stories to life through video (five of them, to be precise), graphic design, illustration, and interactive clickability (using front-end web development). The content also had a place to live—in a microsite we developed, dubbed The Motley Fool’s Story Archive.