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GUIDE: How to tell team stories in recruitment marketing

Reading Time: 2 minutes

When you want to attract candidates to a team with a culture that’s unique, it’s time for a team storytelling approach. Our guide shows you how to tell team stories in recruitment marketing content.

Teams, business units, and even different office locations have their own cultures and recruiting challenges. So, the solution to attracting the right candidates is stories from people thriving on those teams.

Real employee experiences are the best way to communicate team culture.

Additionally, a team storytelling approach allows you to introduce candidates to the team before the interview. Team stories also provide the answers to the questions your candidates are asking. Plus, you can ground your EVP in specific examples shown by the team. If necessary, you can also differentiate a team from the organization’s overarching employer brand perception.

How to tell team stories in your recruitment marketing content

Inside the guide you will …

  • Get inspired to start your own team storytelling project
  • Learn ways to communicate unique team cultures
  • See actionable examples of how companies communicate team value propositions

Get inspired to create team content: Download our guide!