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Tag: Communicating Core Values

What’s in your content stack?

Reading Time: 4 minutes This post is an excerpt from our Complete Content Guide to your Fuel your Recruitment Marketing Technology. Download the guide here.  Whether you’re creating a recruitment marketing content strategy or populating your brand new recruitment marketing technology, you need a content stack. Here’s a framework

5 Story Mediums for Your Next Recruitment Marketing Content Project

Reading Time: 4 minutes We know that employee stories is the strongest form of recruitment marketing content. An employee story gives candidates REAL insight into your workplace, is memorable, and supports your broader employer brand statements.  Employee stories are also extremely versatile. So as you embark on your next

Team Storytelling : Stories Inc. Project Team Profile

Reading Time: 7 minutes Stories of teams show the candidate valuable information that they wouldn’t get from a job description alone. It’s the best way to promote your talented team in a way that candidates will trust. In this post, we use our Stories Inc. Project Team’s content to show you the impact.

When Human Values and Organizational Values Overlap

Reading Time: 5 minutes This article was originally published on the globoforce blog.  During the #MeToo panel session at WorkHuman 2018, Tarana Burke, the founder of the #MeToo movement, shared that whenever she’s come upon a difficult decision or crossroads in her life, she’s been able to turn to “the well” of her

Loews Hotels & Co.

Reading Time: 14 minutes Since acquiring their first hotel over 70 years ago, the family-owned Loews Hotels & Co has maintained a strong presence in the high-end luxury hotel market. But in 2016, Loews’ leadership realized that having a stellar consumer reputation wasn’t enough. They knew the team member

7 of the Best Company Culture Videos

Reading Time: 4 minutes We live in a media-saturated and information overloaded world. As we’re constantly scrolling through social media feeds, news reports, and more, we are changing the way our brains consume information. Our expectations for how we learn about new topics and ultimately make decisions is also