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GUIDE: Social media for employer branding — best practices and 2021 tips

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Are you regularly sharing your employee stories on your social channels? Content that you may have siloed for your career site or recruitment marketing platforms is ideal content for social! That’s why we developed a guide to social media for employer branding.

Inside Employer Branding for Social Media: Best Practices and Tips we break down the essentials talent professionals need to communicate company culture and employer brand on social. Because candidates, employees and consumers all look to your social channels to gauge your company culture and brand.

We show you how to develop social content that reflects your core values, mission and employee experience. And, we share how to communicate your culture to candidates through social recruiting, and reinforce culture with your employees and improve employee engagement.

Plus, we’ve included the most current specs for optimal image sizes, hashtag use, video lengths, and more — channel by channel! From LinkedIn to Facebook, Instagram to Twitter, careers blogs to YouTube, we give you the details you need for success.

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