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GUIDE: Culture in 60 seconds or less

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Think you can communicate your workplace culture in less than a minute ? You can … as long as you use employee story videos. Our guide, Culture in 60 Seconds or Less, will show you how short videos communicate culture. Kickstart your own content creation!

Short in length, not substance

Download our guide and receive 10 actionable examples and video samples from progressive companies. You’ll learn how short story videos:

Short-form and social videos are essential to your recruitment marketing success. Whether on channels that specialize in quick takes like TikTok and Instagram, or places that allow for longer videos like Facebook, short videos are important pieces in your content library. 

The great news: you can tell a story that effectively communicates something important about your culture in 60 seconds. 

  • Social and single-storyteller stories … 
  • Get to the point quickly, communicating a key aspect of culture
  • Grab attention on social, piquing the interest of new talent audiences 
  • Are easily repurposable across channels 
  • Build strong connections to the storyteller … and therefore, your brand 

Short videos communicate culture

Our guide will prepare you for developing your own snack-able video stories for use in your recruitment marketing and communicating your employer brand. Short videos communicate culture and give real insight that bolsters recruiting and retention!

Download the guide