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Recruitment storytelling at scale

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Honesty about your company’s culture, and what a day-in-the-life is like in the role, is essential when recruiting for long term fit. I saw this first hand when I was a recruitment leader, working for an organization whose culture was in process (read: some growing pains that didn’t enhance the employee experience) . But, our retention was very high. Why? Because I was very honest about the stage we were in during the recruitment process, telling stories so candidates knew truly what they would be walking into. The right candidates were drawn to a culture-in-progress.

Granted, personalized and individual storytelling really works when you’re hiring a few people a month.

So how do you do recruitment storytelling at scale?

Simple answer: create shareable, story-based media like this.


The comic above talks about why the founder started the business, an essential piece of information for discerning candidates. A piece of media shouldn’t replace the in person discussion a candidate has with a recruiter, but you can see how this may draw in the right candidates if used for recruitment marketing, and to reinforce the point a recruiter has made or a claim you make on your website.

We create compelling, story-based recruitment marketing video content and are here to create media that may help your organization land the right candidates!

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