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Recruiting women in tech: content guide

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Our guide for recruiting women in tech helps you show female candidates and employees that your culture supports and celebrates them. Inside, we show you how to communicate that your company has opportunities for women in tech that they can’t find just anywhere. 

When you download Recruit and Retain Women in Tech, you get 12 different ways employee stories can attract, engage and convert critical female tech talent. This ebook features strategies and actionable examples from leading companies. With our tips, you’ll be armed with inspiration and tools to begin creating content featuring the women on your tech teams! 

Become known as an employer of choice for women in tech

At Stories Inc, we’ve interviewed hundreds of women in technical positions. We’ve uncovered stories that explain exactly how their companies have supported them as professionals, as colleagues, and as women. As a result, these women have shared with us exactly why their companies are places where they thrive.

Therefore, we’ve learned that recruitment marketing for women in technology must communicate two things.

1. There are women like you thriving here.

2. Specifically how the company supports the needs of women in tech, female team members, and working women today.

In our guide, you’ll have access to videos and actionable tips that show you how.

Get started recruiting women in tech

Learn compelling ways to communicate how your culture supports, empowers and fulfills women in technology.

Get the tips and insights — download our content creation guide!