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Introducing Culturography

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Here at Stories Incorporated, we sometimes struggle with how to thoroughly but succinctly explain ourselves. Here’s how we’ve phrased it:

  • We create interactive media based on employee stories, which organizations use for onboarding, recruitment, and posterity.
  • We tell your organization’s story by interviewing those that have a unique perspective on your growth and turn their experiences into media.
  • Our products include the Interactive Story Archive, Interactive Onboarding Experience, Interactive Employee Handbook, and Interactive Organizational History.

Oof. We absolutely love what we do, but it’s pretty novel to most people. Wouldn’t it be great if we could say all that in one word? Here goes: culturography.

We love great organizational cultures because we think happy employees do great work, which engages and inspires them, which begets more great work. We think the archiving of great organizational cultures (“cultur-”) contributes to recruiting new talent, ease of onboarding, and employee engagement and investment. We love working with companies to celebrate that! Our celebration (“-ography”) takes lots of forms: videos, comic strips, story archive pages, etc. Combining all those thoughts led us to “culturography.” Granted, culturography may still take an extra sentence or two to explain, but labeling it with a single word lets listeners latch on to a clear starting point. Also, we like saying that we’re culturographers.

[corporate] culture

–n. the ethos of a particular company, or that of large businesses in general; the approach a company takes towards the working environment of its staff.

-Oxford English Dictionary


–n combining form.

1. indicating a form or process of writing, representing, etc: photography

2. indicating an art or descriptive science: choreography; oceanography

via Latin from Greek -graphia, from graphein, to write









the study, archiving, and celebrating of great organizational cultures, typically used for employer branding, recruitment, onboarding, and posterity.

-Stories Incorporated

via Alby Headrick on flikr


Pamela Kaye does PR and Communications for Stories Incorporated. Questions, comments, concerns, poetic insights? Let me know at [email protected]; I’d love to hear from you!

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