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Why we’re getting more employee stories now

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Some companies are starting to bring their team members back to offices and job sites. But, the workplaces they’re returning to look very different. In fact, the employees themselves look different, too, sporting masks, longer hair, and more signs of these times. 

We’ve all changed, and so should our culture content. 

At Stories Inc., we have expanded and updated how we’re capturing stories. In one sense, there are more barriers up. Now when we capture stories on-site in the workplace, we’re wearing masks, we’re at least 6 feet apart, and other safe social distancing for stories practices we’ve outlined. 

But in more important ways, our walls are down. In fact, we’re getting more employee stories now, and the diversity of stories we’re capturing has increased. Here are our insights so you too can get more employee stories from your team members that reveal your current culture.

More global stories  

There are no geographic limits to the stories we can capture on film — we’re interviewing storytellers from all over the world. Using our Virtual Story Sessions technology and service, we’ve facilitated and captured compelling stories from storytellers in Brazil, Hong Kong, Panama, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Utah, Minnesota … and more. Travel to U.S. and international locations is still happening, but when companies would rather conduct interviews virtually, we’ve got them covered. 

getting stories on site from employees
600Jill Shabelman of Stories Inc. conducting interviews with First Solar team members

More stories of the distributed team experience 

In 2020, we have captured more remote team member stories and developed more content that communicates distributed team culture. Of course, this reflects the increase in employees working from home. Here’s a Virtual Story Sessions example of from our own Anna Lippe that reveals her own transitions as well as how she and the Stories Inc. team have changed how they’re getting employees’ stories now.

More “worksites” captured 

This year we’ve increased the our filming employees in-person at their homes. The content captured can show candidates the remote work experience in a way in which they can picture themselves on the distributed team. 

getting employee stories from remote employees

More stories of inclusion 

With an increase in organizations committing to positive changes for greater inclusivity, diversity and belonging, more stories of inclusion are being captured. Team members from some companies are sharing their personal stories of belonging. Other places are capturing stories that communicate the changes they’re making. 

capturing employee stories now

More time spent interviewing  

Our interviews are running longer than usual because employees are excited to share. As Jill, our director of client services shares, “Before we can ask about how someone’s work life has changed because of the coronavirus, they’re bringing it up.”

More stories stories of employer support 

Storytellers have a lot to say about how their employers have shown up for them in the pandemic. In fact, storytellers are brimming over with stories.

All of these stories are essential to your employer brand. And your employees are ready to share with you more stories than ever.

Inspired to start getting employee stories? Download our guide to safely capturing stories while social distancing.