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When Your Employer is a Family Tradition: Story of the Year

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When an employer is a family tradition, those employee stories make for compelling content. This Story of the Year from Lockheed Martin brings the company culture and its early career opportunities to light.

When your work family is actually related to you, Thanksgiving dinner might seem like another day at the office.

But when one organization serves generations of family members, sometimes the values of a company become a part of a family legacy.

Taylor’s Story from Lockheed Martin

For Taylor, Lockheed Martin has been a part of her life since she was born. This early career industrial engineer said, “My grandfather worked here, my dad…and now my brother and husband work here.”

Today, in her own career at the aerospace innovator, Taylor shares what makes her experience different.

Nurses’ Stories of the Ochsner Legacy

Nurses from Ochsner Health also shared with the Stories Incorporated team stories of deep personal connections when an employer is a familiy tradition.

For this story project, there were multiple employees with legacy stories! These storytellers shared how these bonds “connect their passion to their purpose” — an Ochsner Health motto that the nurses’ brought to life with their stories.

Capture Stories of When An Employer Is a Family Tradition

For many companies, having team members from the same family and multiple generations is common. However, in the modern world of work and job changes, this is a major endorsement by employees of company culture.

Capture these stories!

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