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10 Types of Employer Branding Videos Activated By Stories

Reading Time: 6 minutesThe best employer branding videos build a connection between a brand, candidates and employees within mere minutes. Videos enable that bond and brand affinity to happen faster and more effectively than any other media. Since your employer brand content needs to cover a wide variety of topics, videos are an ideal way to show talent what it’s really like to work at your company. And the best employer brand videos highlight employee storytellers. Videos grounded in the stories of your real employees give people real insight into your culture from your most trustworthy sources. And, when stories fuel your content, your result is a video that is wholly original and eminently memorable. Here are 10 different employer branding video types to consider, all featuring great employee stories.  

1. Belonging-Focused Company Culture

In 2022, proof of inclusion and belonging must be shown in all universal culture content. And rather than an executive reading a statement, your videos must include unique stories from team members sharing how inclusion shapes their employee experience. This video from Capital One shares such examples, from the story of a gay father who was supported during the adoption process, to leadership team members sharing the work they’re doing seeking to bridge any existing DEI gaps.

2. Global Company Culture

If your team members are based everywhere, how do you show a unified and universal employee experience? You source stories from across your company and tie them together. In the Life at Dell Technologies video, the stories of team members show how flexibility, inclusivity, and excitement for innovation presents for its people all over the world. It’s a fantastic example of an employer branding video that can resonate with employees, candidates and consumers.

3. Values, Mission and Purpose

If your organization has developed an EVP, core values, or mission, you can’t just hand candidates and employees those pretty words. You need stories to activate them. Lockheed Martin uncovered employee stories to communicate each of their EVP’s five pillars, and then created videos to bring them to life.

4. Supportive Culture and Employee Well-Being

Showing how your employees feel connected to your culture, and personally supported through hard times, is the surest way to resonate with candidates in 2022. Recent LinkedIn data shows that when company content mentions culture, engagement goes up 67 percent. And posts related to employee well-being are up 35 percent. We helped Philips communicate its care of employees through team members’ stories.

5. Moments That Matter

Memories and moments from employees’ days don’t only influence a potential candidate for a similar role. They also reveal overall culture, as in this video we created for BAE Systems. The stories show how employees feel connected to their teammates and fueled by the company mission.

6. When Personal Purpose and Company Purpose Align

A story from just one team member can absolutely serve as great content for your overall employer brand. It works if it shows how the employee directly connects their personal purpose to the organizational purpose. In this video for Electronic Arts, no matter the video viewer’s job or perspective, they can perceive how storyteller Eric made that connection in his work.

7. Team Culture Informing Universal Culture

Videos developed for specific hiring needs can also serve as examples of wider culture and corporate values. It’s possible when the content contains great stories, like this example from the bio-pharmaceutical division (BPD) team at AstraZeneca.

8. Diversity Programs and the DEI Journey

When your company can show that they’re championing diversity internally and working to improve equity in society at large, those stories need to be shared. LexisNexis captured stories from their African Ancestry Network and HBCU Fellows, and these stories show all audiences the company’s DEI commitment.

9. Employee Resource Group Perspectives

Don’t just tell candidates and employees of your dynamic ERG programs, show them the groups in action. We helped Labcorp develop a series of videos highlighting their individual ERGs to serve as important, year-round culture content, as well as show participation in important annual celebrations. Here’s one example from their LGBTQ+ ERG which also served their channels during Pride month.

10. Career Stage Stories

Whether your company has a need for emerging Gen Z talent or experienced team leads, you can connect with those audiences through the voices of people they relate to. Here, Sonoco uses the story of an early in career employee sharing when she felt seen and respected by the CEO and executive team. This story is great for intern and early careers content, and universal audiences, too. These 10 examples? They’re just a small sample of the compelling employer branding videos possible. Interested in help uncovering employee stories that reveal your culture and activate your employer brand? Contact us for a customized recommendation!