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Podcasts for the Employer Branding Pro

Podcasts are taking over the branding world, and we are tuning in to listen. Companies are using employer branding podcasts to tell their stories in tons of different ways. Some series are giving advice, some are fictional stories and some are just for connecting with current employees.

Whatever the story, we aren’t the only ones listening. Edison Research found that more than 57 million Americans listen to at least one podcast per month. In fact, most people listen to podcast(s) five times a week.

How can podcasts help build your employer brand?

There are two ways to listen to podcasts: (1) to listen for industry advice, and (2) to listen for examples of what other companies are doing.

Employer branding podcasts to listen to for industry advice:

While researching employer branding podcasts, it was hard to find shows that are still getting updated consistently. These are shows that post continually, but there are many useful resources that were older, shorter series.

The Employer Branding Podcast

The Employer Branding Podcast comes from Jorgen Sundberg with LinkHumans on a weekly basis. The show focuses on the stories from leading employer branding companies and industry innovators. The episodes are around 20 minutes and feature the stories behind the employer branding leaders of large companies like Groupon, Dell, GE, Walmart, Virgin Media, or Vodafone. The podcast also features industry innovators and leaders who can share their tactics and strategies.

The #SocialRecruiting Show

The #SocialRecruiting Show features hosts, Katrina Collier and Audra Knight. Every Friday, they talk with HR, Talent Acquisition, Recruitment, and Employer Branding leaders about all things trade related. 

Talent Cast

The Talent Cast podcast is released every Monday to start your week off with inspiration and thought. Hosted by James Ellis, self-proclaimed employer brand nerd, the podcast is meant to ‘throw off the shackles of conventional recruiting and employer branding thinking.’ While the podcast has taken a summer break to recharge, the last episode features all of the notes and ideas that didn’t make it as full episodes.  

The Recruiting Future

The Recruiting Future podcast features stories and advice from top professionals in the recruiting, employer branding and recruitment marketing business. On a weekly basis, Matt Adler talks with these pros about innovation in HR and Recruiting.

Podcasts to listen to for examples of what other companies are doing:

These employer branding podcasts are used as internal and external communication channels that focus on employees and their work. While you may have heard of the branding podcasts that have blown up over the years, these are not the same. Branded podcasts are stories or advice from a company (ie. GE’s fictional sci-fi podcast or eBay’s advice on online selling).  The podcasts below are focused on employee stories.

Philips, The Spark 

This is a great podcast series about the unique individuals working for Philips. Not only does it tell the employee’s background, but also how they fit into the world with Philips. Not only is it sharing the purpose and passion to job seekers, but it is connecting its employees in the large international company.

 AT&T Employee Podcast

The Life at AT&T podcast is used to share the stories of current employees and the work they are doing for the ears of potential candidates. It isn’t just the work they are doing, but an inside look of the way individual employees connect with the overall mission.

Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital 

The podcast series was designed to give a behind the scenes look into the people, places, and work done at Johns Hopkins All Chidren’s Hospital. Each episode features a different guest who can give insight into different topics. Previous shows have included employee recruitment, corporate culture, and clinical areas. The podcast is great at building an employer brand and consumer brand because it gives an inside look at the culture within the hospital, which both potential employees and patients would like to know.

Marriott Wandernaut Show 

This is a unique podcast in that it started on Youtube and eventually became its own animated video show. While it targets potential issues, such as gen[eration] blend, it uses stories to tackle these issues. It also approaches Marriott’s culture and its approach to workplace culture.

For all of the endless learners, the podcast industry is the easiest way to indulge that curiosity. Whether you learn through the conversational business podcasts or from examining other company branding podcasts, you don’t have to wait for the next conference of webinar to continue learning.

So listen, learn and share with us all your favorite recruitment marketing and employer branding podcasts!

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