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The best employer branding podcasts: listen and learn

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When screen fatigue sets in, change the channel, literally, and turn on a podcast. Your ears and mind will be opened by new strategies and stories from innovators in the talent marketing industry. Start with some of our favorite employer branding podcasts. 

RM Rebelcast

Allyn Bailey and Tracey Parsons get together to get honest about all things TA and RM. Their mission is to unpack the recruitment marketing industry and ways we can make it better, and their podcast feels like you’ve joined them for cocktails after work (you know, pre-covid). Recently they’ve been taking deep dives into what the pandemic means for talent marketers and distributed teams

Episode we love: The musical episode … if TA was a musical 

The Employer Branding Podcast

Jörgen Sundberg and LinkHumans’ podcast episodes focus on our favorite content medium: stories. Of course, stories from employer brand innovators from leading companies are doubly our jam. Plus, with episodes around 20 minutes, the length is perfect for listening with a coffee between meetings. 

Episode we love: How storytelling can humanize your employer brand

The Talent Cast 

Like clockwork, James Ellis releases a new episode of The Talent Cast every week, and even though he’s amassed nearly 200, each one is packed with his latest new insights. As the self-styled “world’s most caffeinated employer branding and recruitment marketing podcast,” James does talk quickly, so don’t listen while you’re driving — you’ll want to take notes. 

Episode we love: Taking your employer brand beyond the obvious

The Recruiting Brainfood Podcast 

Hung Lee must not sleep. He’s the co-founder and CEO of He’s the Chief Curator (and brain behind) Recruiting Brainfood newsletter and blog. He leads the active Recruiting Brainfood Facebook Group. And, he hosts the weekly Brainfood Live on Air webcast, of which the audio serves as content of The Recruiting Brainfood Podcast. Obviously, not only does he know the recruiting industry, he’s a content marketing wonder. The webcast/podcast features guests of interest to recruiters and recruitment marketers, from all facets of the industry. 

Episode we love: Upgrade your LinkedIn Game with Andy Foote

The Talent Brand Podcast 

Will Staney and Bryan Chaney, co-founders of Talent Brand Alliance, have a podcast guest list packed with experienced recruitment marketing and employer branding practitioners. Don’t expect to hear on here the same old industry lines — the discussions on The Talent Brand Podcast are always timely, fresh, and candid. 

Episode we love: Dina Medeiros, Director Of Talent Attraction, Blizzard Entertainment

Episode we’re looking forward to: Jill Shabelman, Director of Client Service at Stories Inc. — coming soon!

Recruiting Future 

Forward-thinking advice, strategies and technologies are the focuses of the stories on Matt Alder’s Recruiting Future. The conversations Matt is having with his guests currently are focused on how the events of 2020 will impact recruiting in the years to come. 

Episode we love: Talent engagement with Marvin Smith of Lockheed Martin 

The Talent Experience Show

Phenom’s podcast takes their discussions way beyond the boundaries of talent tech and recruitment marketing platforms to cover all topics relating to talent experience. Alongside hosts Tom Tate and Devin Foster, industry pros join The Talent Experience Show and share how they’re creating remarkable experiences at every stage in the end-to-end talent journey. 

Episode we love: How to craft stories that resonate

The Conversation and TA 20

Mya’s podcast The Conversation features conversations between recruiting thought leaders and Ameya Deshmuk on topics like candidate experience, diversity and inclusion, hiring speed and more. And, Mya has a second podcast stream, TA 20, in which Lauren Friedman and Ameya Deshmukh share talent acquisition thought leadership for 20 minutes. Both started in January, proving that podcasters can quickly develop an audience and immediately provide value. 

Episode we love: Employee storytelling secrets behind the world’s largest employer brands

Talent on the Rise 

Chatbot leader Brazen’s Joe Matar, Ryan Healy, and Ashley O’Connor talk to industry leaders about talent acquisition trends and improving candidate experience. Their latest episodes have addressed concerns for talent leaders in the pandemic and how to improve diversity and inclusion. 

Episode we love: Chief People Officer John Whitaker on why cutting employee development is a costly mistake — even in tough times

Talk Talent to Me

Hired’s podcast breaks down the details of recruiting and shares how recruiters can get the most out their positions. Guests of all levels, from Heads of Talent to niche industry recruiters to expert consultants, share what’s working in the recruitment industry. 

Episode we love: The unbundling of jobs

Crazy and the King 

Julie Sowash, Executive Director for Disability Solutions, and diversity and inclusion leader and expert advisor Torin Ellis partner on this podcast. Though their collective expertise is impressive and their missions critical, their podcast is irreverent, energetic, and real. Together they dismantle biased practices and discuss solutions for better inclusion and belonging for all people at work. 

Episode we love: Not Impressed. Progress Implodes – Companies Shrug

The Chad and Cheese 

“HR’s Most Dangerous Podcast”  works on “punching the recruiting industry where it hurts.” Joel Cheesman and Chad Sowash take the gloves off and break down the latest news with humor and frankness. Also, it’s particularly fun to listen to them make straight-laced guests crack up. 

Episode we love: Core values – find your “how” 

Torin Ellis 1 (Career Mix snippets)

Multi-talented and multi-platform Torin again. If you think you don’t have time to listen to a “whole podcast” then the Torin Ellis 1 feed is for you. He publishes 1-3 minute gems from Career Mix, his show on SiriusXM Urban View (Channel 126). You’ll get the key learnings from Toin and guests on race, best practices for employers, HR trends, and more top career industry issues. After your interest is piqued by the snippets, grab your SiriusXM password and listen to the full episodes on-demand.

Episode we love: Candidates need substance, specifics, and stories

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