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Employee Value Proposition Guide

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Download our Employee Value Proposition Guide and start activating your EVP with stories!

EVP statements are useful and important guideposts to building your employer brand. Yet, EVPs and the pillars that support them often mean a lot more to the people who created it than to the candidates they’re trying to engage. In fact, many of the EVP statements out there are interchangeable, unmemorable and even boring to candidates.

Without the proof of employee stories to activate your EVP, it means nothing to your most important audiences.

Stories are the best way to capture attention, differentiate your company from the competition, and ultimately drive great-fit candidates to apply and convert. 

Our new EVP guide, Activate Your Employee Value Proposition with Employee Stories, breaks open how you can bring your EVP to life.

Inside, you’ll learn:

  • Why employee stories reinforce EVP for employees
  • How employee stories connect candidates to your brand
  • A case study of how a major defense contractor captured stories to support its EVP pillars
  • Examples of how major companies use employee stories to communicate their EVPs

Download the guide and get your EVP in motion!