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Employee engagement is the key to the best content marketing

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Creating an effective talent brand and employee engagement content
marketing strategy at your company is easier than you think. The key? Employee stories.

This post is an excerpt from our downloadable guide to content marketing & employee stories for employee engagement and talent brand.

When you capture employee stories and share them with your internal and external audiences, you create a content marketing flywheel. These stories both increase employee engagement and strengthen your talent brand.

The employee engagement content marketing connection

Employee engagement and talent brand are both connected by stories told about the employee experience. Employee stories inspire actions from other employees that reinforce the culture while also proving the culture to candidates. If those candidates become engaged employees, they in turn will inspire more stories. Therefore, sharing employee story content for either area helps both of them.

How stories can drive your content marketing strategy

Here’s an example of how employee stories can increase employee engagement.

Let’s say that Jane is a housekeeper at Children’s Mercy Hospital, and she watched this video.

In addition to the thrill of seeing her colleagues, Nick and Stephen, Jane would feel an immediate sense of pride to work at Children’s Mercy. She’d be reminded that her work has purpose — she maintains a clean environment in the hospital, which is crucial for the doctors and nurses to provide care for patients. She’d also be reminded — thanks to Stephen’s story — that Children’s Mercy gives her an amazing amount of latitude to be caring when she sees an opportunity. She’ll remember the time that she was able to be there for a family whose room she was cleaning.

Jane’s engagement levels skyrocket: in addition to executing her work perfectly, she goes above and beyond by taking extra time to be there for the patients and families she comes in contact with. In one such case, a family member of a patient goes out of their way to tell Jane’s manager how much they appreciated Jane’s actions. That story will prove useful in future content, which will in turn inspire more Children’s Mercy colleagues.

Put it into practice

Sharing employee stories will get your content marketing flywheel turning, but you need to keep it moving in the right direction. That’s why it’s essential to be intentional about the stories you’re sharing. You want to share stories of people who both thrive in your culture and add to it. Additionally, you need to ensure that the stories are relevant to both your employee and candidate audiences.

Get the employee engagement content marketing tips

For best practices on selecting employee storytellers, topics that resonate, how to distribute the content, and which channels to use, download our guide!