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EBOOK Tips from the Interview Chair: How to Capture Workplace Culture

EBOOK Tips from the Interview Chair: How to Capture Workplace Culture

We hear it all the time, ‘We have a great culture!’ Okay, but tell us more, what does that mean to your employees, the people who are coming in day in and day out, and creating the culture? Most companies have their own special and unique culture, but they don’t know how to capture and showcase it to their customers, candidates, and anyone else who might look at their career site.


It’s far easier said than done, and we know that from experience. The best place to start, are the employees themselves. Considering that employees and team members are the key players in creating the workplace culture, it’s their stories that make up or help to define the culture or the true values of the company.

So, we put together an ebook with two of the frameworks we use to help structure how we interview storytellers about their experiences that often capture the ‘real-deal’ aspects of the company’s workplace culture.

How to capture real-deal workplace culture:

We’re behind the camera interviewing folks from a wide-range of companies on a regular basis here at Stories Inc. and over the years, we’ve found there are a few questions that always elicit some really great stories from our storytellers. It’s these questions that have helped form the basis of the frameworks we use to structure our interviews to both capture great stories, but also to capture the unique workplace culture of the companies.

In the eBook, we share two different frameworks, along with several real examples from our clients and the stories these questions produced when we asked our storytellers. They’re deceivingly simple but sometimes it’s the simplest things that can make the biggest impact.

 Download the eBook here!