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GUIDE: Ask these 3 Questions to Capture your Unique Company Culture

Reading Time: 2 minutes

We are experts at getting stories that communicate workplace culture. If recruitment marketing, employer branding and talent acquisition professionals can more accurately describe their employee experience, talent can make better career choices, and as a result our collective work experiences improve. (Oh, and this impacts retention and profit: companies are more productive as a result).

We want this as a society. Don’t you? Download this guide we wrote just for you, which shares some of the very best questions we ask that get insight into company culture.

3 Questions that will Capture your Unique Company Culture 

In this guide, we share questions we’ve asked employees that not only capture great stories, but also give insight into what the employee experience is really like for candidates. We share several real content examples from our clients so you see what these questions directly produced.

Let’s all get better at communicating culture! Download our eBook below.

 Download the eBook here!